Make Light of Tragedies

“First, tragedies were brought on stage to remind you of what can happen, that these happenings are determined by nature, and that what moves you in the theatre should not burden you on the larger stage of life.” – Marcus Aurelius

No enlarged screen can take the place of theatre. Just as no amount of money can take the place of trust. Stories help us to exceed our limitations and transform our shortcomings. They become the backdrop by which we can hang our principles and values.

Several years ago while living in a homeless shelter in one of the wealthiest cities of Canada, I found myself struggling to find meaning in life. That which gave me the greatest incentive for moving forward was the notion of creating a stage-play about Socrates’ death.

Socrates demonstrated the courage required to embrace death while holding to the principles required for eudaimonia. He did not compromise his values or allow himself to be bent, even while under the threat of being put to death. This is no mere incidental ideal and continues to this day as a topic of conversation for all those who consider the importance of good government and what it means to be responsible.

Like a man on a mission my research kept my torch lit. It felt great to be enthused about living again. Providence seemed to be on my side. After knocking on several doors there were a few who found my vision to be worthwhile and assisted me in giving shape to my creative art.

One actor in particular was most encouraging. She said that sometimes it can take a couple of decades for a good play to hit the stage. Anything of great worth requires a lot of time to complete. This golden advice has aided me in preserving the faith.

Even though my play-script has been idling around cyberspace without anyone taking interest in it for eons, there’s a part of me that continues to believe that my effort remains noble and true. The platonic ideas planted within my work are yearning to spring into life.

My soul longs for her 9 Muses to find their way back to me, that we might make philosophy shine with magnanimous wonder, through the synergistic power of Jupiter’s delicate sound of thunder.

Either way the legacy that Socrates has left the world cannot be undone. Hate can continue to drive people to destroy every statue in the world but love will see wisdom through to the end. So this is me, a hopeless romantic, putting the logos out there into the world at large, willing to endure all the pettiness of men – including my own pathetic nature – so as to be the last person to hold the torch of truth, so help me Olympus.

We all know deep down inside that Jason’s role is to restore the golden fleece; that middle-ground by which we can preserve geometrical equality with ataraxy. With the help of Media and the Stars that keep the Theatre of Ancient Greece alive and dazzling, allow me to summon the gods and complete the global metamorphosis!!!

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The Old Man in the Hill

A Wise-tale by Jason Youngman

Very few are aware of the secret underground bunker along Mt. Scio. You could walk right over it and not even know it was under your feet! It has been whispered that our Premier Frank Moore privately contracted a handful of the finest Freemasons to build him his very own underground sanctuary in case of an all out tragedy, but it could be argued that he had it built for another purpose. Suffice it to say that his hole in the ground was somewhat of a fertile oasis. Continue reading

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Making Memories Meaningful

“We can’t change the past, but we can change what it means.”

Remembering your most adorable childhood memories can be an awesome way to alter your emotional state. It can also tell you something about your personal flair and core beliefs. Memories also have a way of changing throughout time for various reasons so it may be a good idea to get into the habit of recording them. Here are a few of mine for tickles and laughs:

1. Grade 5 teacher reading novels to us between classes.

2. Climbing ‘Spectacle Head’ in Cupids, NL with my sister.

3. Cutting and gathering spruce for Bonfire Night. Continue reading

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Sever the Chains of Vice

“The wicked only rule because of the cowardice of those who allow themselves to be ruled by them… Yet death would be better for us than to go on living lives contrary to the [natural] laws of the Universe.” – Plotinus

Have you ever fallen prey to gaslighting; as in the psychological manipulation of exerting power over another, resulting in low self-esteem, confusion and co-dependency? Would it surprise you to learn that it takes two to tango; i.e. abusers & their victims often exchange roles in their diabolical dance, without even being all that aware of their complicity.

Abusive relationships are extremely difficult to bear, especially if we neglect to understand how to guard against such attacks, as well as weed out the proclivities that have burrowed its way into our own behaviour. There are also individuals, including groups of various kinds, who will intentionally engage in gaslighting others, and will even take it upon themselves to rehearse techniques and study books (including seduction science known as game) in order to enhance their demoralizing and subjugating craft. Continue reading

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Tips for Time Management

“Much of what we say and do is not necessary, and if you get rid of that, you will have more leisure and be less disturbed.” – Marcus Aurelius

1. Don’t read personal email within the first few hours of the day.
2. Send out automatic notifications to people who email you stating that you’ll be away for x many days.
3. Do social media only once a week as a treat.
4. Don’t answer your phone when it rings; let the answering machine do its job.
5. Meditate and/or stretch more often throughout the day with brevity.
6. Drink lots of water. Get into the habit of always having a bottle of water next to you. Continue reading

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Create Alternative Options

“How could I endure to be a man, if man were not also poet and reader of riddles… a way to new dawns.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Combining creativity and critical thinking with the tarot can provide additional perspectives and ways of resolving problems. In other words, by comparing tarot cards with one another in view to a complication, both criticality and creative thinking can be interactively blended to discover alternative approaches to the issue at hand. Allow me to demonstrate in this manner:

In the picture below we have the Two of Swords on the left. It depicts a robed woman crossing her heart and closing her eyes. We sense she needs to make a difficult choice. The shallow waters in the background suggest a lack of emotional and/or experiential depth. Her feet and the eclipsed moon are painted the same colour. There’s something hidden from sight that needs to be considered but what in the world can that be. Continue reading

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O’ What Colourful Splendour

My grandmother Gladys Young – God rest her soul – passed away during my seventh summer. Some days prior to her departure my beady eyes noticed her fingers had turned blue. She said it was due to removing the twigs and leaves from a large bowl of blueberries, but a part of me knew that such were the symptoms of a dying person, so after pressing her further for the truth she told me that she was changing into a blue-jay in order to keep a closer eye on me. This meant that she wanted to keep me safe and sound wherever the wind might lead me. It also revealed her affinity with our Mi’kmaq culture and our unique way of keeping our ancestors alive. To this day a burst of joy enters my heart whenever a blue-jay enters my sight.

Even though these kinds of beliefs are often rendered nonsensical in the modern brain-vain of men, they continue to hold truth in mine. Just because we can’t categorize supernatural encounters into a neat scientific box, doesn’t make these sorts of myths irrelevant, impractical or non-existent. On the contrary they bring much colour to our lives and can help us to process and understand change (e.g., death) in a way that doesn’t remove the joy of being one with nature. Continue reading

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Blackfoot Becomes Whitefeather

An Aboriginal Story by Jason Youngman
Dreamt into existence during the Blood Moon of 2021
In honor of Gaia (Mother Earth) and the preservation of her forest.

Blackfoot gazed upon the North Star at night. It gladdened him to know that it stayed in the northern hemisphere, and remained still as a lake under a calm wind. He knew in his heart of hearts that the northern light was there to guide the people back into the arms of Nature should they ever lose their way.

For Blackfoot, every step into the future was like walking into the depth of the woods during the pitch black of night. Thus Blackfoot remained true to his name, for every step forward was unknown to him. He could not even tell what would happen from one day to the next.

Fortunately he had a companion who would fly ahead of him to make sure the path was clear. Blackfoot was very thankful to the creature and the Raven was most happy to be Blackfoot’s guide. “You are my eye in the sky, and my reason for asking why,” Blackfoot would often sing aloud to his friend. Then the Raven would sing back, “You are my feet on the ground, and my reason for flying around.” 

Continue reading

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Philosophy Begins in Wonder

“The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty, and truth.” – Albert Einstein

At the heart of a good education remains wonder. No matter how you turn the principles of learning, as long as they cohere and remain as one, they reveal the wellspring of wisdom, which means genuine fun for everyone. Lovers of Sophia are naturally drawn towards these ideals as though they are intrinsic elements of our very being, the gems by which cognition can come into play, by which others may participate in a colourful, meaningful and creative way.

By way of analogy we can represent goodness, beauty and truth with the three primary colours of the light spectrum. As long as these colours line up in the right way (as depicted in the image above) they will provide a unique pattern that consists of three additional or secondary colours, as well as a form void of colour at its pith. Continue reading

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Give Colour to Virtues

“My people will sleep for one hundred years, but when they awake, it will be the artists who give them their spirit back.” – Louis Riel

Another way to conceptualize the four pivotal virtues of civilization is to contemplate how they each shine in their own way without detracting from their synergistic interplay. So let us begin with the primary of the other three by which there can be no integrality.

Prudence may be rendered here as practical reason. Like the Chief in command it possesses the intellect to act appropriately under particular circumstances, and to instruct and/or command the governing body so as to work in cohesion. It possesses the foresight to avoid unnecessary barriers and to create pathways that keep us mindfully aware, thus my reason for associating it with the element of air. Continue reading

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