Cut to the Chase

“The chief task in life is simply this: to identify and separate matters so that I can say clearly to myself which are externals not under my control, and which have to do with the choices I actually control.” – Epictetus

There are all sorts of activities that centre us, that help us to preserve equanimity, broaden our options and promote wellbeing. There is also a vast array of distractions that can keep us in the thick of thin. We can even get so caught up in dealing with urgent matters that we neglect the day to day tasks of caring for ourselves. The long term consequences of such actions may permanently keep us reacting to one problem after another without reprieve.

Knowing when and where to draw the line may feel like an impossible feat. We could be stretched in several directions and so over taxed that it may be difficult to know up from down. That is to say our priorities may be so jumbled that we find ourselves taking the broad road of least resistance. By default we may seek escapism every chance we get, unwittingly becoming more and more mired in our sense of powerlessness.

So how in the world do we break from this old paradigm and begin anew, without having to purchase this, that and the other thing? How about we play a little game of words instead? There’s nothing like the power of the logos to remove obstacles, and besides, unless we become like children, how can we expect to raise our frequency; i.e., how can we be free and filled with exuberance, if we carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders.

Relinquish your worrisome burden for a few minutes and let’s participate in some creative play! Choose a random letter in the alphabet. Then try putting as many words together beginning with that letter in view to forming ideas that can help us to remain focused on what is important in life. Let’s begin with the letter P:

Planning, Preparing, Prevention, Prioritizing, Probing,
Principles, Purpose, Prudence, Play, Peace, Prayer.

Now for those of you who are without a linguistic imagination, feel free to explore all my P words instead and try to determine which of them can help you the most to empower yourself. For instance, it may dawn on you that the tools required for planning are absolutely essential to improving the quality of your life; therefore you might seek out other terms from the list that support and complement that process, and end up with a new cognitive wheel by which to move through unexplored ground. In other words, by creating new thought patterns you may find yourself breaking through obstacles that you never even imagined possible.

As for those of you who prefer to find fault in things, why not show us how these P words are useless in helping others to address first things first. For instance, you might conclude that play is irrelevant and that it detracts from what is important. Yet this perspective can be easily refuted, for play is the spice of life and who says we need to take it to the extreme. Some play can do wonders for the body & mind, not to mention it’s a great way to maintain fellowship and keep our hearts warm with invigoration.

In sum we have three approaches to this exercise. (1) Compile words that begin with the same letter in view to forming ideas that help us remain centred on important things. (2) Probe my list of P words to see which of them give you the most freedom (3) or take us away from what is essential. Whatever approach you take, go ahead and share your responses in the comment section below.

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God’s Right & Wisdom’s Insight

“Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.” – T.S. Eliot

At the age of 14 my thirst for scripture was unquenchable.

Little of it made sense to me then and even less of it now.

Nevertheless it captures my imagination all the same.

The fact that there has been a constant flow of people throughout time trying to make sense of God’s will carries some drive to it.

To this day many are drawn to the idea that there is an intelligent being who governs the universe.

Whether through a hierarchy of interdependence or a direct force by means of a first mover, there is nothing that little old me can do to prove otherwise.

Regardless of the countless of souls who feel that their sense of certainty trumps my unknowing, there is a part of me that feels inclined to remain truthful no matter how advantageous and attractive the other side might look.

That is not to say that there is no divinity or spectrum of deities; it just means that my judgement can’t be limited to a feeling.

And even though my heart yearns to believe in an all redeeming grace, my intellect stands alone in the desert.

And actively waits for a dust storm to sweep it off his feet.

Yet what if the current of the vortex should bring my volition into turmoil?

How could freedom-of-will be mine to have and behold?

What if dehydration should deprive my senses?

Then truth shall slip through the slits of my fingers.

What makes me think that wisdom can be had through mere desire?

As though she exists to be penetrated with carnal lust…

Each layer of skin torn in hopes of placing the throne upon my head…

The winds blow where they may, regardless of what we have to say.

So the choice is never ours to begin with.

Neither the mirage nor the darkness behind the sockets enables us to see.

But by means of light are we provided with sight that allows us to be.

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My Gift to You

“My intention is purely to follow the dharma that is guiding me. That is all. Right now my duty is to give pure sounds to the universe – pure and simple – with pure heart.” – Gaiea

What Enya was for post-911, Gaiea is for the Covid-19 pandemic. Her actual name is Gabriella, which means a strong person of God, but without its latter consonants becomes Gaiea; a most fitting and fortuitous epithet.

Her desire to correct the imbalance of feminine and masculine forces can be felt through her music. Intrinsic in her song resides the harmonic resonance of a Tridevi; i.e., a triad or trinity consisting of three goddesses. A few examples of such triunes are:

Demeter, Persephone, and Athena (Hellenism)
Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati (Hinduism)
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Christianity)
The Good, Divine Mind, and World Soul (Platonism)

As her artistic medium, Gaiea avails of an ancient language that is sacred to her and feels as natural as a mother’s intuition. With the luminous allure of the moon and the brilliant rays of the sun, her Sanskrit resonates with a beautiful coherence.

Imbued with a wonderfully intelligent syntax, the language lends itself to poetic and philosophical expression and creativity. If justice were a crown, then its flowing logos would be the wreath that adorns it, whereas to speak it aloud preserves mercy.

May our hearts be receptive in welcoming (agape) Gaiea into the depths of our soul, that her harmonious melodies might be a source of healing and restoration… Click here or on the image above to hear the beating heart of her feminine dove.

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A Starry Night

“In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticism and humbug, and we shall want to live more musically.” ― Vincent van Gogh

Have you ever wondered why Van Gogh wanted to paint the Starry Night? Could it be that he wanted to see something entirely on its own, without any trace of personal bias that says more about the subject than the marvel itself?

There seems to be no way of getting away from ourselves except through art. That is what good art does; i.e., it removes our preoccupation with self, allowing for a transcendent experience. You know in your heart of hearts the divinity that embraces you when the beauty of art transforms your way of perceiving. Continue reading

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The Splendour of Beauty’s Light

“If all people worked for the beautiful, and endeavoured to do the most beautiful things, everything people need in common, and the greatest good for each in particular, would be achieved.” – Aristotle

How the trees of the forest run deep into the soil, allowing for an interconnection that evades the naked eye, or as the stars remain in alignment with one another without running awry, that which connects us to the all, both life sustaining, ever changing, from spring into fall, allowing each one of us to be refined thro’ the splendour of beauty’s light.

Beauty is mainly experienced through sight, but it also engages other senses and modes of existence. It affects the way we feel and how we perceive reality. If something appears beautiful, then we naturally desire to behold it and/or want to possess it. We are inclined to see the beautiful as good and worthwhile. Continue reading

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Expand your Horizons

“The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.” ― R. D. Laing

(To follow is a psychological exercise that may serve as a means to detect what we typically overlook in our thinking process. It may be helpful to slow down and pause at the end of each sentence while you read through this text.)

Envision yourself seated at your kitchen table during the night without any lights on. Allow your eyes to gradually adjust to the dark as you take in the ambience about you. Some things remain shrouded in darkness and there are other fixtures that are recognizable because of its shape. Remove a pack of matches from your shirt pocket, open the box slowly and reach in to grab a single match in your right hand. Now strike the match against the coarse material on the side of the matchbox. Continue reading

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Dance as Creative Art (Video)

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” – Rumi

My passionate love for dance transcends all forms of romance, especially if my ears are picking up on the sweet vibes of trance! Whether deep in the forest or in the comfort of my room, while dancing, the strings of time unwind, and hours can quickly fade out of mind. Yet that is not enough to describe, what comes over me as an ocean’s tide, while all thought dissolves into this, a pure and natural instinctual bliss.

In regards to elaborating on my newly revised About page, it is my intention to share what makes me shine most on stage. Today’s blog will depict my relationship with Terpsichore, the goddess of dance and some say lyrical poetry; nevertheless, out of all the muses to embrace my destiny, ‘tis she who has imparted me with the greatest degree of ecstasy. Continue reading

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After a 36 hour fast

“I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency.” – Plato

Fasting is an age old practice of abstaining from food. Today many are availing of it to enhance their health and wellbeing. This presentation is neither about substantiating nor refuting the benefits of fasting. My goal here is to share what has been working well for me as to the foods to eat after a 36 hour fast. If you don’t consume the right foods after a long fast, then diarrhea and/or stomach cramps may follow.

My first meal is limited to a serving of sardines (4 oz). The second meal consists of two boiled eggs. My third meal may include an avocado and/or salmon. Allowing for an hour or two between consumption works for me, but it may not be a good standard for everyone. For the remainder of the day, you will typically find me eating less frequently and gradually taking in veggies, cereals and nuts.

The primary reasons for my weekly 36 hour fasts are thus: Continue reading

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Gems of Delight

“Primum non nocerum. (First do no harm)” – Hippocrates

The word ‘aphorism’ was originally used by an ancient Greek physician in view to treating disease. So one might say they were antidotal in scope. Today we often use the term to represent a concise statement of truth, or a pithy saying that preserves a principle of sorts. As for myself, an ideal aphorism reveals a deeply felt and experiential truth; namely, they are like guiding stars that provide orientation. In this respect, they can be used as a preventive measure, or a way to remain one in body and soul.

My personalized approach to crafting an aphorism consists of a basic linguistic structure. Each one contains a principle based value infused with a virtue that may or may not be apparent. They also begin with a particular action word and remain within 4 to 5 words. Some of them are grammatically incorrect, and may not appear intelligible upon first sight. In addition, one may never penetrate the core of an aphorism if they lack the necessary life experience and/or resolve to pursue its relevant wisdom.

All in all you may find that my list of 96 aphorisms to be a general representation of the values held by people all over the world. Continue reading

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Babylon has Fallen

“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her immorality.”

How much of our writing is put forth into the world without any of us knowing how the other will receive it. So many souls jabbing the night with their steely knives, oblivious to the dusty rooms within themselves, and the darken hallways that connect them. Driven on through impulse and fancy without resting to see how these forces work, while strategic marketers plague our arteries with delicious thought candy, a slow poisoning wine that keeps the economic beast gainfully employed in its operation. Hearts lose warmth as their fibers shrink back into an isolating tempest. Our words empty of its potential, and shallowly stretch over a desert without even a trace of moisture. What is the purpose of all this blogging if we fail to connect with others and what will it profit me if my letters should sputter around your imagination without an opportunity to sprout; that my ideas might embellish your mind with beauty as yours do mine. May death smother me in its relentless grip if my logos should fail to penetrate the cold dark of night, and by the dog rip me asunder so as to at least fill the belly of appetite; for what good am I now that winters destitute has frozen me in stagnation; that long stony look of Medusa has brought such ugliness into our world of magnitude and miracles. For those of you who still breathe and have your movement in becomingness, will you not enter my song and make it your own this once… Then click here or on the image above to experience this poet transform his words into love.

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