Flowers of Spring – To Everything there is a Season

Metaphysical Reflections  – We have recently entered into the season of Spring. It is a time for the budding of new life and the awakening from sleep. The flowers included in the montage represent the essence of this season. They are colorful and radiating with the splendor of the sun’s light & potential. The lyrics sung by Enya reveal a mystic’s orientation as to its source of being, a beautiful metaphor as to our relationship to the Cosmos.

The objective of this metaphysical reflection is to release from analytical understanding and to allow your imagination to soar beyond the earthly clouds, beyond every star forming nebula. Return to that oneness of sorts, where there is no multiplicity and then breathe your first breath. Now sense the trillions and trillions of souls come into formation as they move away from this center, from this pure consciousness.

As fallen embers feel your-self floating away from the source so as to enter into this place of miracles and magnitudes. Remember to experience the newness of spring as it enters into the density of diversity & shadow… as it takes form throughout the new born Cosmos like the unfolding of a flower from its universal seed.







About Jason Youngman

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night's sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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