Plotinus – Procession and conversion

30-athens-national-academy-olympian-gods-pediment-sightseeing-dp13545527-1600 - Copy Click the image to view the video lesson. (9 minutes)

Procession and conversion. Here’s my philosophical take on it. The parent gives life to a child. It slowly proceeds away from the mother to become its own person. Eventually the dependent becomes independent. As an independent agent it doesn’t stay still but begins to participate in a direction that reverts back to the likeness of its parent. Its conversion is in its return & exercising the ways of the good parent, e.i. selflessness, compassion balanced with sternness. To bring these attributes into completion, the independent person cooperates with other independent persons (for a Platonist this could be called the dialectical method ) allowing for a greater order or organization that leads to altruistic goals and the well-being of all.

This analogy does not adequately holdup to what Plotinus puts forth but it does provide an approximation of sorts. Rendering the metaphysical into everyday language can be a challenge on the best of occasions. When we enter into thinking that considers alternations to time and space and the various ways of knowing the same thing, well, we find ourselves having to change and redefine the words we take for granted. For instance, many of us use the following terms interchangeably (being, existence and life) but for the philosopher, esp the Platonist, such words can mean the difference b/w night and day. Does that make the philosopher redundant? Engineers and Scientists also use words that are interchangeable for us but if they omit the word because it sounds to abstract or use it in the wrong way, a lot of us can end up in some major smelly-soft-stuff.

Anywho, have fun with it. Plato rhymes with Play-doh. We are all free to express ourselves, at least to some extent, or like Plotinus, to avail of the fabric of Plato/Play-doh to weave into form all sorts of structures. Some ideas will stand and the rest will fall away but we can proceed with that which can be converted into the good.







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  1. JC says:

    A wonderful site. I will be back!

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