Illumination in the lingering strings of Vivaldi

1432369 - Copy

The snowflakes scatter around before they reside upon the ground.
Their patterns are within my power as my soul aligns itself with the One.
Sweet melody unfolding, expanding ocean wave reflects the setting sun.

The Red Priest joins the loose ends, his desire, the sublime, forever in the end.
Muses ascending and descending, they too long for the thrill
Some are moving, others return and yet they remain in the still.

The brisk touch of strings confirming the source of all things.
Tension building, anticipating the release, arising swiftly from the chord.
That moment of ah awaits us all, in the vastness of heaven that treasure stored.

Each snowflake now white as angel, a blossoming flower in the month of April.
Free from the limits of earth bound and the glittering star.
And yet reflecting that eternal Unity from outside of time afar.

One last dance before it meshes into the void its immortal wings plucked.
Her formation & symmetry are one last grasp in thought of the divine.
Drawing pleasure in knowing her last memory of grace and the benign.

The breath and violin are in sync, ever speeding to the tip of the brink.
Now the snow is blistery, unable to find calm in the emoting wind.
How beautiful the fall, without the will or need to rescind.



This poetic piece recently came into form during a winter afternoon reflection of a gentle snow fall here in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, while listening to Antonio Vivaldi’s four seasons. His creation fills my soul with a splendour that is beyond words. Vivaldi (The Red Priest) composed music for young orphaned women in the early part of the 1700’s in Venice, Italy. His music no doubt evokes a spirit of unity for those who participate in the contemplation of the One.


About Jason Youngman

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night's sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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