Plotinus – God is the Goal

For Plotinus – God is the Goal – that ultimate telos that so many have pondered throughout the ages is still a hot topic to this day. Many of us comprehend God by asserted attributes: God is love, God is light, the beginning and end of all things, Creator, he or she, and so forth. We come to conceive God through various components that often contradict one another as our paradigm of the world changes. If we perceive him like a toddler…

Click on the video above to watch a short adaptation of Return to the One: Plotinus’s Guide to God Realization. – A modern day commentary on the Enneads of Plotinus.



About Jason Youngman

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night's sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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3 Responses to Plotinus – God is the Goal

  1. Jeanne says:

    Do we not come to all thoughts as babies? Growing in knowledge with fruits of knowing? I love philosophy but not always fresh enough to think so deeply. A new blog to dig in deeper. I sometimes float in the shallow, a reprieve. I think a new poem/post…🤔

    • If I ask my 10 year old boy who is in grade 5 to take a look at algebra, I’m not sure that we would consider him a baby for taking a look at concepts that are presently outside of his reach. But I believe your message is getting through; we all must start at the beginning in our pursuit for knowledge and the results of our efforts allow us to develop…

      • Jeanne says:

        Not physically a baby but mentally as a beginning of knowledge starts with foundations to build upon. Deeper understanding of concrete and abstract.

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