Plotinus – On Providence

Plotinus on Providence - Pic 1

How can one account for Providence when we live in a world of so much suffering and bloodshed? Perhaps we are failing to perceive nature aright or we are missing the mark as to conducting our lives in accordance to good government? Plotinus reveals much of his thinking process in this treatise. Derived from Intellect through the (World) Soul is the logos, a rational forming principle which helps to maintain order in an imperfect universe. Providence can be discovered in the very fabric of our souls, for the very being of this material universe is Providence itself. For a human-being to reconnect with its being -its very pith- is to realise in a more fuller way one’s destiny or purpose for being, as well as to understand the need for a bodily existence in a world that exists within time and space. This video contains some of the key passages taken from Ennead III, tractate 2 & 3, and is fused with art to help reveal the spirit of Providence; the beginning and sustainer of a wondrous morning mood.

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