MY CREATION STORY (The Affable Leprechaun)

Here resides a spoken ditty to help capture a significant aspect of my creation story and/or autobiography series. This piece is rendered in the poetic simplicity of the Affable Leprechaun; a fictional character from Ireland who immigrated to Newfoundland during the Potato Famine of the mid 1800’s. My wee Piper is a storyteller by trade who possesses the magical power to interpret dreams, read your psychology with his tarot and charm you with his music! As an alter ego and persona, he reveals that part of me that remains forever a Youngman; free to be whatever we choose to see through contemplation. In his travelling bag he carries 4 gifts. Through these items the Piper will lead us to reason what is truly good for one and all, so close your eyes and use your greater imagination, for the Piper is calling you to join him through emancipation!


Click on the image above to access the video.



About Metaphysical Reflections

Exploring philosophical, psychological and spiritual concepts & ideas with a view to illuminating various aspects of the psyche.
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