Click on the image above to feel the Poet breathe soul into his art. Recorded in nature on top of Mount Scio in its natural form; i.e. in its original dawning through mind. Whereas the written version below was trimmed and polished so as to maintain proper form and meter.

What are these words that spue from the mind;
But an endless stream that flows through time.
My body an instrument for song,
And the stars as notes to play along.

Each word gushing into many sounds,
Imbues meaning for all that surrounds.
Into the air echoes vibration,
Communing thought into citation.

From emanation an endless word,
Upon the spanning wings of a bird.
Forever true in all that you do,
Give care to what your soul may accrue.

Now that I’ve shown my shadow to you,
Must we continue to misconstrue;
That silent Logos at rest in heart.
No enmity can now tear apart.

By Jason Youngman
Mount Scio, St. John’s, NL
Summer of 2017


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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