Docility – Open Both Ears

“Just as docility has to do with a man’s doing well in acquiring a correct estimation from another, so shrewdness has to do with a man’s doing well in acquiring a correct estimation on his own.” – Aquinas

Docility is about being teachable. It largely has to do with the ability to be taught by another person. So how might we go about assessing the student’s natural disposition for learning? Well for starters we could try to locate the person’s preference or dominate style of learning. The student may be more visual (spatial) in comparison to being verbal (linguistic) when it comes to acquiring information and/or experience. That is to say that a person who is more spatially inclined may prefer to avail of images and pictures, rather than speech and writing when it comes to understanding certain things. For instance it is way easier for me to learn 20 moves on a chess board by seeing the game in play than it is to read chess notation of recorded moves. The same applies with putting together objects such as an office desk or installing a stereo system. It is much easier and quicker for me to work with an instruction manual which depicts sequential images than to listen or read the text of a user-guide. Knowing your strength and weakness can make all the difference in the world as it pertains to docility. To live the good life is to know thyself, which implies knowing how to avail of the natural traits and virtues that allow one to be at their best.

The video above addresses docility as an integral part of practical wisdom or prudence. It is the main course of this meal and ought to provide a more crispy understanding of the advantages of fostering a healthy form of docility.

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