Shrewdness – Quick Wittedness

“If docility involves our willingness to listen to others, shrewdness
involves the ability to size up a situation quickly on one’s own.”

Without getting into all the rigmarole and to keep this week’s message simple, ponder the following ‘idea’ to give sustenance to the topic on hand:

To cultivate and expand the muscle of shrewdness expose oneself again and again to new learning environments, exercise various modes of understanding & experience, and avail of intuitive rationality with calculative measure. The fibre of being shrewd ought to be broken repeatedly in order to be strengthened and aligned with good judgement. Wisdom is attained through missing the mark over and over again until we get it right. It’s a shot in the dark until we hit something real and substantial. Therefore keep aiming your bow until you know and feel its precision completely but for the love of goodness shoot the arrow with the end in mind. To be shrewd is to aim in light of velocity, wind current, temperature, distance and all the other factors that both impede and make the way possible… it is from the same causes and by the same means that every virtue is both produced and destroyed.

Click on the image above to access my video talk on the virtue of being shrewd.

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