The Scales of Justice – The Luster of Virtue

The luster of virtue excels through justice
Awakened in conscience and equanimity
Through the release of pretence & wrongful gain
Trust in providence; the gift of anonymity

Immediately above resides the eighth stanza of nine from my poem titled The Scales of Justice. The symbol of 8 is the mark of infinity; as above, so below. It represents the universal law of eternity and its manifestation into our temporal affairs on earth. One means to cultivate the soil of our souls can be found in the words of Socrates:

For my aim is to persuade you all both young and old alike, not to think so much of yourselves and your properties, but to first and foremost care for your inner self. Your wealth does not make you good but from your inner goodness comes great wealth and every other benefit to man.

Such archaic resplendence encapsulates the spiritual foundation by which providence moves. Soul is not a “me” entity but a “we” phenomenon. Anonymity is a selfless disposition – an altruistic heart – by which we care for and consider the welfare of all in our own personal quest and realisation of eudaimonia; that which is part and parcel with the common good. The virtue of justice sheds light upon the path of reconciliation and peace. It provides a standard by which cooperation and unity are made possible; a means to make better decisions along the way; an awakened conscience by which to discern and to preserve our conduct from falling into moral decay. Click on the image above to hear the entirety of my poetic display and/or click here to read the text in your own way.



About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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2 Responses to The Scales of Justice – The Luster of Virtue

  1. justice poétique, a masterpiece once again,ty!

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