Commentary on Ennead I.4 – Well-Being

Plotinus makes perfect sense if you take the time to think about what he is saying. To attain ultimate well-being is an out of this world experience. It’s about being in eternity opposed to existing in time. Rather than getting caught up into a stream of sensual pleasure – which can be a form of good – the Good itself is lodged within Spirit and neither are with corporality. From the sensual perspective there is no Spirit whatsoever. There is nothing within bodily receptors to pick up on Spirit, just as there are no antennas growing out of our heads to pick up on radio waves. It is through mind (psyche/soul) that we encounter Spirit. Just as we deem certain events in life to be happy moments – it is through mind that we apply such judgement; i.e. we come to interpret what is good or evil through our minds. Regardless of the fact that our bodies can influence the quality of our thoughts and vice versa, our minds have an immense array of powers. Is it true that all human beings presently living in the 21st century possess the exact same ability to think rationally, concentrate or recall past events; of course not. Some of us are with extremely high intelligence while most of us are with average IQ, relatively speaking. There are people out there with very keen intuitions and folks who lack common sense. Needless to say the human population has a wide range of mental capacities and aptitudes. Now is it possible for some of us to have extraordinary capacities of the mind not shared by most other homo sapiens; of course. To think we know everything about the evolution of our species is nothing shy of naivety on our part. Now then, even from this limited and singular perspective one can see how it is likely that some of us are with the disposition for recognizing the Good, that which is beyond all form and comprehension. In fact there is nothing that can be added to the Good but that doesn’t stop people from superimposing their personal bias upon it. Many are inclined to remove the o from Good so as to end up with the word God but that too would be a mistake, for nothing can be added or taken away from the Good itself. Even the spelling of the word Good is a cognitive error, but for the purpose of explaining our relationship to it, one must avail of language and symbols by which the receiver is conditioned to use in order to make sense of things. In some respect it may be best to say nothing at all about it but to encourage the inquirer to sit quietly and empty their mind of all content. To experience this state of no-thing-ness is absolutely beautiful to behold. It renders all our experiences of earthly life as frivolous and useless in comparison. But as soon as our thinking mind tries to compare our worldly experiences with the bliss of no-thing-ness, the transcendent state is gone, we are back in duality playing a losing game of chess with the fates. Now hold on a moment you might say, spirituality conflicts with our human project? To pick up this question is to swing us back into an endless dance. No wonder well-being is so rarely found, we are too dizzy/busy going around in circles looking for it!

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