The Integrity of Words

Is it real or an invention;
A cultural machination to keep everyone in line.

A playground for thinking;
Or a break from reality into an evolutionary decline.

Free will…
A rope around the neck;
Loose enough to turn back to face ones accusers.

The devil’s own prize;
A storehouse of weapons & evasive manoeuvres.

A crack in the wall;
Sound no longer contained but passes on through.

The Canaanites extinguished;
To make more room for Abraham’s slew.

A trophy, ribbon or accolade;
A distinction to keep the ranks in place & fortified.

A room for us and them;
And a God fearing way to keep the men dignified.

By Jason Youngman
May 2018


Are we bounded by moral principles or are we free to step away and observe them from various perspectives… Is honesty the best policy when we must lie to protect the downtrodden … Can wisdom be attained without walking down that long and arduous lane of failures … Do we not learn from our mistakes and our successes … Sometimes the extreme is necessary to attain long-term equilibrium. What may work in one relationship and/or situation may not for another.

Our lives are filled with contingencies, if this then that, if that then this. A greater good or the popular opinion or a rational analysis may not be the best way to orient ourselves in all circumstances. So how do we remain adaptable and flexible in a changing world; perhaps it is wise to question our assumptions and the principles we take for granted to determine its truth, usefulness and validity.

The associated poem was an attempt to stretch each virtue into its corresponding vice. The literary piece also serves the function of revealing the tenacity of each power or virtue. If we extend the meaning of each word too much one way or the other then its definition is lost. For instance honour is no longer honour if it is used for that which is dishonourable or justice is no longer justice if it is used for what is unjust. Analyze & criticize, synthesize & literalize the principles you know, and watch them transform to allow your life to flourish and grow.

Love & light,



About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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1 Response to The Integrity of Words

  1. Damien Rowatt says:

    Fine food for thought, enjoyable to read and consider.

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