What say you is Love?

What is love? Seriously though, what do you think love really is? Perhaps it is a means to nurture the well-being of another soul or a force that permeates the universe in order to maintain harmony or maybe it is some kind of a warm fuzzy word that induces emotional security.

Whatever it might be there is no end to the various expressions of love. We may speak of it in generalities or draw upon its particulars, either way it remains pulsating throughout history and time, in every culture and epoch. Though we may experience it subjectively, I believe we owe it to ourselves to rise to the occasion by which we can be transformed by its power.

So the question may come down to this: What can I do to expand myself so as to channel the greatest intensity of love? Our conscience may encourage us to be still and wait for an answer to come of its own accord. As the various desires rise up into consciousness, it may be best to avoid the impulse to act upon them, but sit with them as you would a relative who is slowly waking up from a coma. At first her words may be incoherent and random, sporadic and nonsensical. Let patience be your genius and guide.

In the video above you will witness my own reflection of love through the medium of poetry. Remove your sandals before you enter under the roof of a noble thought, unless you trail in your own bias and fail to see the purity of the vision that is placed before you. In other words please center yourself before pressing play or at least take a few deep breaths before you intuit what my muse has to say.

Love & light,



About Jason Youngman

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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3 Responses to What say you is Love?

  1. kanewischer says:

    Jason – This is a very thought provoking post. The question “what is love” is challenging because there are so many different kinds of love and ways to express it. When in college, I took a cultural anthropology class. One of the texts that was required ready hypothesized that love is when you find someone who sees you the way you want to be seen and mirrors that image in their eyes. I cannot say that I agree or disagree with that statement. But it came to mind as I read the post. I especially enjoyed your reading of your poem to the guitar music. I sat still and listened. Beautiful. -Jill

    • Your kind sentiment is the much welcomed warmth of a fire place! As to your anthropological story, it puts me in mind of the aspect of love known as Eros, which is certainly beautiful in and of itself. It is like the fruit of love and is by nature reactive.
      “So the captive mind enters upon desires, which is a spiritual motion, and does not rest until the thing that is loved makes it be glad.” – Dante
      Whereas Agape often takes on the form of pro-activity, by nature it is responsive, rather than reactive. With the right effort we can cultivate a beautiful vineyard and enjoy its bounty for years to come! Unfortunately, lovers sometimes forget the completeness of love, so when the sweet fruit dries up, they erroneously think that the love is gone, when in fact they neglected their inner garden with the appropriate care to keep the soil good for growth.
      “Things fall apart, tread the path with care.” – Buddha

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