The first hour of the day sets the tone & directs the way

What we do during the first hour of the day often sets the tone for what follows. Whether we are living successful lives or not, that which retains our condition in life, for the most part comes down to our quality of habits & rituals. Allow me to demonstrate:

Could you foresee yourself waking up every morning on the dot, getting fully dressed, drinking a large glass of water and then going for a walk? During your stroll around the neighbourhood you repeat positive affirmations in your mind, and then ponder the various things for which you are grateful, followed with envisioning yourself participating in the most essential items of the day.

What do you suppose would happen if you continued with this ritual for 40 days? For starters it would probably be difficult to break from the new habit. Permeating your days with clarity, focus and energy is not something most people would likely want to wish away. Now imagine how you would feel if you continued with this practice for a year? From this perspective it is easy to see how the fabric of healthy habits is the means to fortify strong character and sustain well-being.

Aligning our rituals or patterns of living with a realistic standard, one in which is conducive to the common good, is a balancing act of sorts; living a life of integrity is a rewarding one, yet it requires daily deposits and effort to maintain such congruency. The first hour of the day can truly be the means to direct your way.

Image above was taken in my neighbourhood. Click here to view in high definition.


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9 Responses to The first hour of the day sets the tone & directs the way

  1. Yes you are right.. Thank you

  2. Have you put this in practise? I confess I feel challenged to try it! 🙂

    • Indeed. If you are like most people, your primal brain will spin out a bunch of reasons to avoid such a practice. While you are tired and feeling unpleasent, your rationality may be inclined to give in and give up. It is best to literally count & vividly remember the solid reasons for creating a new habit before you put it into form. Anticipate all the potential scenarious that may prevent your progress. For instance the rain can be compensated by simply wearing the proper rain gear or if the roads are too icey then put grips on your shoes. In addition, what motivates me may not be much of a drive for you, so be sure to establish several good reasons before you engage in this activity. Once you put things into motion and let’s say the resistance is too strong for you, why not keep the walks very short in the beginning; at least until the habit becomes established, then you can up your time accordingly. Now in the event the weather is too extreme, just exercise inside instead. Should a cold or flue get the better of you, then lessen the intensity of your exercise but keep doing it no matter what, even if you have to exercise in your bed. Remember, there’s a part of you that wants to break from virtue and to give into vice. That self-destructive tendency can be baffling & overwhelming, so keep it simple, it all comes down to employing virtue and reducing vice.

      • Dear Jason, what a pearl of wisdom. I find all these points you make the main reason why my workout efforts fail most of the time. Looking back, however, when I kept a workout routine for 2 years, I used to do these points that you suggest. It’s incredible how we can “break from virtue” as you so well say, even when we already “solved” a problem in the past. Untamed minds are really the issue… Today is the second day I “force” myself to workout, despite all the good excuses, but I need to reflect more seriously, again and again, over what you just shared, so the lazy mind doesn’t win again 🙂 Thank you for your great feedback, I really appreciated!

  3. inesephoto says:

    Enjoyed your post. It is so very true that the morning gives a start – good or bad. All depends on our choice.

  4. Jason, I really enjoyed this and have some great take-away’s that I’ll have to think about… I do get up early – normally about 5 to exercise, then work on my website… I’ll have to pay attention to that first hour – a walk to plan the day sounds like a wonderful way to start the day… 🙂 Thanks for the great ideas!

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