Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Welcome to St. John’s, Newfoundland, my home and native land. What are a few things that stand out about this place? In the here and now we can safely say it’s the different kinds of people that bring colour & dynamism to the city.


Should you visit our capital you’ll definitely want to explore Signal Hill. As long as there is blood running through my veins and strength in my bones it would be my pleasure to show you around.


How about we take a brisk walk up over the hill? The image below shows the direction we must go.


This is where our brave soldiers from long ago used to seal up the enemy in a wooden barrel and let him tumble down the hill into the water below. If the barrage of bullets didn’t kill him on his way down, then he would have drowned in the pond. The poor feller didn’t have a chance either way. Now mind you this could be an old wives’ tale. Nevertheless it makes for a good story if ya knows how to spin it the right way. 😉


In the top right corner of the following photo is Cabot Tower. There’s no place under heaven that has seen more steamed up windows from lovers kissing in their automobiles. This is the peak of the hill. We’ll take a closer look at the structure shortly.


Next we have a handful of kids skating on the ice without a care in the world, and rightly so, it’s really cold up here and the whole pond is nearly one big junk of ice! Mind you I took this photo just the other day, and we are presently experiencing the most extreme temperatures of the winter season!


The poor duckling below is lacking the nerve to join the others. He’s waiting to see if anyone will fall through the ice before attempting fate.


My goodness we are about half ways up the hill. Let’s take a look back at old St. John’s shall we.


Took this image last summer. Imagine trying to get pass these cannons back in the day. Unless you’re camouflaged there’s nothing getting through this military strong hold.


Finally! We made it to the top. Here’s Cabot Tower up close. The masonry is impeccable. It is said that the building is named after John Cabot, the great explorer of the new world, which wasn’t really all that new it turns out, seeing that there were people living here long before his grand entry.


Speaking of which, how about we take another look of St. John’s from our lofty position.


Here we have a Newfoundland dog weighing in at 175 lbs and nearly strong as a bear, a true representation of our Island’s rugged beauty.


It’s not a full sweep of the terrain unless we take a good look across the harbour to Fort Amherst.


(My final photo was taken during the summer.) Here on the other side of the hill we have North Head. This is the part of the journey where you sit next to me and soak it all up.


Thank you for joining me. Hopefully we can do this in person someday! =)

Love & light,


PS: Some of my images above can be viewed in high resolution. Let me know which ones are most aesthetically pleasing for you.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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25 Responses to Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland

  1. Vanessa says:

    Beautiful scenery! It’s amazing the contrast between seasons over there!

  2. What a nice tour, would love to take it with you one day!

    • That would be awesome Andreas! There’s lots of hiking trail along the coast if you’re interested. Miles and miles of scenic beauty, several good places to pitch a tent, have a camp fire and share stories. Now in the event that you’re too soft for such strenuous activity, there’s plenty of shorter trails in and around the city.

  3. JC says:

    What a wonderful place to live… enlightened for the soul… jc

  4. zennfish says:

    Thanks for the tour, Jason 🙂 Beautiful place and loved the dog!

  5. inesephoto says:

    Thank you for this spectacular tour, Jason! You live in a breathtakingly beautiful land. The view from the Signal Hill is something to behold, in any season, and your dog is a true representation of your Island 🙂 Great photography, great walk.

  6. This is a delightful tribute to your locale. I sense your pleasure in and gratitude for its proximity. To your question: I like most like the concluding photo of you comfortably taking in the majestic views from a lofty perch. The invitation to experience this and more of St. John’s is thoughtful and tempting. Alas, I have chosen to reside in the U.S. Southwest given my partiality to climates warm and dry. Perhaps one day you may find yourself in this neck of panoramic beauty. Beautiful post!

  7. That is a breathtakingly beautiful place Jason. The sky is so clear – but it does look a bit chilly! 🙂

  8. kanewischer says:

    Your photos are wonderful. I really enjoyed the tour and stories. Thank you. -Jill

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