Emptiness – The Art of Letting Go

The Buddhist idea of “emptiness” seems to be a useful means to navigate our way through life. To get our head around this concept we may begin by seeing it more as an emptying, as in a letting go, rather than some hidden metaphysical void attainable only to monks living in a monastery. We could also see emptiness as a clearing away of all that is unnecessary; a removing of things that can lead to injury or dead ends. Perhaps emptiness can help us to awaken, to become aware of what is essential for well being. Can you think of anything in particular that you would be more fulfilled without; i.e. what can you empty from your life in order to attain a better quality of existence? Some things are easier to let go of compared to other things. Our attachments or cravings can be every bit a source of suffering than the conditions we have come to dislike or hate. Avoiding the extreme of greed on the one hand, and avoiding the extreme of aversion on the other, is no doubt a balancing act; nevertheless, it may be an indispensable one if we wish to tread a path with care.

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“Unborn emptiness has let go of the extremes of being and nonbeing, Thus it is both the center itself
and the central path. Emptiness is the track on which the centered person moves.” —Tsongkhapa





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4 Responses to Emptiness – The Art of Letting Go

  1. inesephoto says:

    I like this concept very much. Your posts are always inspiring, Jason.

  2. JC says:

    Letting go… we do hold onto a lot of non-essential thoughts..

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