Information – Bridge the Gap

Information is required to exercise good judgement. Not just any information will suffice, but that which is relevant, reliable and valid. To avail of information effectively we need to ask the right kind of questions. Is the primary source of info reliable; i.e. is it consistent, dependable and trustworthy? Can it be verified; is the evidence conclusive? For information to be valid it must be grounded in truth.

Here’s an analogy to help divide information into strong & weak, solid & air-like: The foundational bedrock that resides under the surface of the ground constitute the hard facts of information. That is to say that the bedrock UNDER the ground permits things on earth to firmly STAND and have some kind of fixed position or bases in reality, thus giving us the ability to UNDERSTAND information.

Whereas the air-like clouds in the sky reflect what is confusing, vague and airy-fairy about information. In other words the far out clouds are an extension of scattered thought that give little or no substance to information. Open space has no parameters, no rule or measure to give definition to info, thus it remains formless and incoherent.

Do consider that analogies such as these can be useful, but like other metaphors they can’t be taken literally or applied in all situations in the same way. Nevertheless by equating good information with what is concrete, we have something tangible to wrap our heads around so as to make sense of things. Whereas clouds, like mental fog, can diminish our ability to clearly decipher information.

On the other hand we can also say that clouds possess shapes and patterns that can be likened onto the nature of thought as it comes in and out of mind, thus depicting a useful analogy of consciousness itself. So you see, information, similar to metaphors, can sometimes be reversed to mean something entirely different. In other words the exact same information can be used to support or debunk ideas.

This stresses the importance of being careful with the way information is applied. To wield the two edged sword of penetrating decisiveness, we must not only come to terms with the principles of reasoning, but decide upon worthy end goals and standards that allow for good orientation. If we want to build a solid case or pursue a lasting purpose of some kind, our success will largely depend on the quality of info we gather.




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2 Responses to Information – Bridge the Gap

  1. zennfish says:

    pertinent in an age of information overload and unverified news!

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