Teach in order to learn

One of the best ways to learn about something is to approach it in view to sharing it with others. This additional layer of mental activity can help us process information all the more. Just think of an occasion when your desire to report on a current event was overly strong because you wanted to make an impression on a significant other? Somehow your brain selected & connected data together in a way that would not have been possible if you causally observed the source of information for its own sake. There is good reason to believe that the more we engage the entirety of our mind, that learning not only becomes optimized, but we also experience a corresponding level of personal well-being.

How we go about assessing and evaluating knowledge is largely shaped by the intellectual virtues we have cultivated and refined over the years. You may agree that the vital powers of mind reside in our ability to avail of 1) imagination, 2) perception, 3) reason, 4) desire, 5) memory and 6) concentration. Remove but one aspect of mind from this delicate equilibrium and we may suffer the consequence of partial comprehension. For instance, should we lack desire or will, and if our imagination is weak or working from false memory, namely, if the various components of our mind are not working together cohesively, then our comprehension of things will remain limited.

To teach in order to learn, we must consider how best to think, so that we might fully grasp the object of our thinking, and not impede on another’s learning due to our own lack of intellectual rigour. Because imagination, reason, perception and all the other components of mind are required for intellection, it may be to our advantage to explore additional ways of connecting these parts so that we might better understand and communicate ideas to others.

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11 Responses to Teach in order to learn

  1. Joan Wilder says:

    I have also found teaching to be the best way to learn Jason – when I find myself able to teach someone I find that I’m reinforcing the subject in my own mind. And when the student asks questions, it always leads to further knowledge. It’s truly a win/win.
    Stay warm! 🙂

  2. Important insights, Jason. I have added a couple more essential ingredients as a teacher whose students often come from cultures and life experiences that are different than mine. I take time to try to understand others and translate and demonstrate through action. Caring about the issues I cover and the the people I work with – students and colleagues – are also a crucial part of the foundation for teaching and learning. Supportive environments matter. But then, I teach subjects that students tend to fear or dread, like research and organizational/community practice.

  3. Dot says:

    You have such noble ideal, which makes your site a wonderful world. I wish you would consider adding the buttons of ‘Archives’ / ‘Categories’ to your site, so that visitors like me could study it in a more thorough way.

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