Beauty draws all souls

Beauty draws all souls into itself
Filling the heart with her rarefied light
Bending the knee of king & beggar alike
None can resist such ardent love
Which flowereth through earthenware
In every movement by the stars above
No dilettante can know her inner court
Nor approach her throne untouched
Less pressed under the grapes of wrath
Beauty resides not in the eye of the beholder
For it retains its majesty with or without
And colours the world with a splendid dream
By her all songs have their melody
A swirling dance under the night sky
Solemn hope for a distant cry
So close your eyes to look deep within
Embrace her as though she were fully kin
Then the work shall truly begin
By Jason Youngman
Winter of 2020

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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8 Responses to Beauty draws all souls

  1. These are beautifully penned verses, brimming with emotion, that no doubt will draw many a poetic soul to such wonderful expression. I also found you on Twitter and look forward to exploring more of your blog in the coming days and weeks. Warm winter blessings, Deborah aka liberatedsheep

    • Thank you for your thoughtful remarks Deborah! I also appreciate your poetry and will likely come to cherish it all the more with every read. Its salient vigour and deep wisdom brings solace to my soul. Not all that active on Twitter but I am looking forward to warming myself next to your genius. Love & light

      • Even better I’ve found your YouTube channel! Oh the joy of meeting another poet on the road. Namaste

      • Oh but the pleasure is all mine. Do you also recite your poetry? Care to share? — Glad you found my playground of vids! Like a carnival some of the rides might make your stomach a little queasy and some can be a barrel of fun. PS: If you click on the photo above it should open to my photo album with pixabay. Many of these photos are of my home town.

  2. Oh, I’m far too introverted to recite my poetry! Although I never say never and perhaps in time I might give it a try. Re YouTube I’m halfway through your 27 poetry videos atm and loved “Winter Embrace” so much that I’ve shared it on Twitter. So pleased our paths crossed today! 🙂

    • Feel free to send me a private audio recording of your poetry, that’s if and when you are ready for honest feedback. For me poetry truly comes to life when we breathe soul into it. — Tell you no lies but I was going to recommend ‘Winter Embrace’ to you. What a lovely coincidence indeed! =)

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