Go Back In Time

Creative Writing Prompt: Let’s say you could go back in time and start over from grade 9. What would you focus on and how would you apply yourself? For additional context you may appreciate the layers of meaning provided in my own response below. Keep your answer under 300 words to share it in the comment section.

My course would likely be shifted so as to pursue an initial career in criminal law, so debate, acting and public speaking training would be a must. Job shadowing or sitting in on court cases could provide useful experience. Perusing intro books to law is a given. Reading broadly in general can’t be underestimated. There may also be merit to watching TV shows such as Law and Order. It’s probably essential to dialogue with Lawyers about how they make difficult decisions and overcome moral dilemmas.

Yet life is not all about having a career. What else would my heart revel in? Beyond a shadow of doubt that would be martial arts, performing arts and creative art. Even though these artistic expressions have been a significant part of my life, it would bring me even greater value to have perfected them more so. Time is of the essence when it comes to refining art, therefore it would be practical not to waste it on frivolous matters or unnecessary conflict.

Furthermore, I believe it is necessary to make a thorough moral inventory of oneself before choosing an orientation or major direction in life. Heraclitus renders my disposition in a similar vein: Sound thinking is to listen well and choose one course of action. In other words we need to look deeply within in order to understand the nature of things, that which motivates and compels us to act; whereas mere listening, or superficial thinking, will keep us in a sea of fragmentation and confusion, preventing us from discerning a more suitable path.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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7 Responses to Go Back In Time

  1. Great creative writing prompt!

    I think it was around 14-15 years old that I met Carl Gustav Jung for the first time in my life. In a public library of all places, where one day after school, I discovered his memoir, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections” while pulling out a book by Sigmund Freud from the psychology shelves.

    To begin with, I busied myself with the other book and found what I was looking for, which didn’t make much sense and totally depressed me at the time. However, intrigued by Jung’s unusual (poetic) title, I returned to the shelf and pulled out his slim volume which I read with zest until closing time.

    I can still remember the excitement that I felt at the time. Something within fizzled as I turned the pages. My fingers felt like they were being given tiny electric shocks. Obviously, I didn’t understand what was happening so just shrugged it off. In hindsight, I guess my soul was singing!

    So if I could go back to that age it would be to then, because instead of finding another Shakespeare play to take home, I would’ve taken Jung. Although, I do remember returning to the library that summer to finish reading this book. I just didn’t take the book home for some reason.

    As it turned out, I grew up to become a psychotherapist and met Jung for the second time in my life 12 years ago. Yet here was a moment that burned itself into my brain in a way that thousands (and I do mean thousands!) of other books never did. It was like my soul knew it had met a remarkable man.

    Enjoyed that thanks!

    • How serendipitous! Enjoyed your story immensely. Thank you for taking the time to grace me with your word. What is it like to be a psychotherapist and could you expound on the second time you met Jung?

  2. Yes, serendipitous indeed! For me, becoming a psychotherapist felt like I was finally doing the work I was born to do, vocational then I guess. Hmm, and definitely comparable to becoming a poet as both are Odyssean in nature!

    Re: Meeting Jung for the second time in my life, I wrote a little about it here which I titled, in true Jungian homagre , “Journey of Love: The Way of the Dream” http://theliberatedsheep.com/journey-love-way-dream/#more-1719

    There’s a second part to this article if you’re interested in reading more. It’s interesting, that I wrote earlier of a first and now a second meeting … I’ll ponder on that. Thanks for asking!

  3. Andrew Tulloch says:

    Given my current interests, I would definitely want to focus on reading classical philosophical literature. My reasons are very similar to yours, regarding this would give me the ability to perfect my current interests more than I can now. It would have been great to have the basics under control so out of high school I could get stuck straight into new ideas. That said, in reality if I truly were to revisit the past I would not change a thing. This is because as we know, it is our pasts that make the current us ‘us’.

    • In other words you would want to improve upon your life in view to your present trajectory. A noble cause indeed. Nietzsche came up with the idea that we live the exact same life over and over.

  4. parkermccoy says:

    I would definitely take things more lightly. I was too serious about a lot of things for a long time but the lighter I look at life, the more fun I have and the more I accomplish. I’m glad I’ve learned it now at least but if I applied it back then to now, then who knows where I’d be? Great, thought-provoking question! Thank you for sharing, Jason!

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