The Coffee Shop Stalker – Part 4

Thou Overslept Reptile
A short story by Jason Youngman – Part 4

Jonathan is absolutely stoked and breaks open his pink diary, which he uses to write about the women he wishes to penetrate. He has a good hunch about the psychology student, so he starts thinking about new ways to improve upon his game. How to lure her into my bed becomes his mantra; he repeats the question over and over in hopes of generating fresh ideas. Nothing comes to mind but a feeling of foreboding. ‘Where is this emotion coming from,’ he inquires with himself, as though he is conducting a criminal investigation. An inner feeling conveys the notion that he is doing wrong. These sorts of feelings are Jonathan’s greatest impediment to exerting his will and therefore he tries to wrestle them into submission.

Another thought surfaces from the dark recesses of his imagination. It exerts itself with a domineering spirit, ordering Jonathan to pursue the woman in hopes of getting to know her better: ‘Surely,’ with a long s sound that resonates from the tongue of a snake, ‘there is no harm in becoming friends with her?’ He is both delighted and fearful of this reptilian voice. There is no reasoning with it at all, and sometimes it makes Jonathan act rather impulsively.

This inner voice initially emerged through a nightmare. Jonathan woke from a terrible dream with the creature rising up out of his mouth. Its rigid scales rubbing against his throat made it impossible to scream for help. The snake fell to the floor, and slithered its way into the next room where it entered Jonathan’s roommate Marx, who in turn yelled out with the most dreadful cry, ‘Bloodbath in paradise, forever sleep in paradise’. The next morning Marx swears he has no memory of the event, and yet his behaviour becomes erratic henceforth. One might even say downright disrespectful; for example, he started to regularly make fun of him, and he even started sleeping with a woman in whom Jonathan was deeply in love with.

Anyways, this horrifying statement, bloodbath in paradise, remained etched in Jonathan’s every waking moment until he realized its meaning. It had something to do with an ancient myth in which the darker souls took bodily form in order to corrupt the flesh of man and animal alike; a literal bloodbath of savagery and violence. After listening to hundreds of talks by Terence McKenna and watching several shamanistic rituals, Jonathan found a way to satiate his psychological drive. Through a quasi hypnosis he made peace with this inner reptile by agreeing to feed its hunger. Needless to say his obsession to prey upon young women continues to motivate his actions to this day.

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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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2 Responses to The Coffee Shop Stalker – Part 4

  1. Thank you for sharing another installment of “The Coffee Shop Stalker” it’s such a fab, creative idea. I wonder what’s going to happen next?! Looking forward to finding out. Blessings always, Deborah.

    • Your words touch me in a special way Deborah. In the next scene I create another layer of friction. A strong minded woman (a coffee shop staff member) tries to put an end to Jonathan’s lewd behaviour.

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