The Coffee Shop Stalker – Part 9

Jesus is Watching You
A short story by Jason Youngman – Part 9

Priscilla’s condo overlooks the harbour and much of the city. Her partial roof balcony is decorated with large leafy plants all along the edges. There is a picnic table made of mahogany in the centre surrounded with reclining chairs. The inside of the condo is most exquisite and spacious. It reminds Jonathan of a high end clinic his Aunty used to bring him to during his summer visits to California. Mini wonders how her new fond friend has the time to keep the place so green and clean. The full time caretaker has taken Jesus for a walk in a nearby park. Priscilla’s pet is a well trained Doberman who doesn’t mind showing its teeth to male visitors whenever she walks away from her guest.

They drink a very relaxing cup of camomile tea in the living room while listening to Enya in surround sound. They remain quiet as the sun sets over the rigid hills afar; soft fading rays that leave a beautiful crimson in its stead. The smoke rising up from a stick of incense brings another layer of calm to an already serine ambience. To speak of this mystical twilight would only collapse the moment back into the mundane of everyday existence.

Jonathan takes an extra long shower before the session begins. Then he lies down on a bed and covers himself with a thin white blanket. Priscilla walks into the room and shuts the door behind her, leaving it slightly open. She is wearing a silky white robe and has a laurel leaf in her hair. She dances all around him and chants loudly in another language as though in a state of mania. Then she lights an oil lamp and holds it up in front of her. With the other hand she grasps a bamboo stick with a long soft bristled end, and uses it to tickle Jonathan from head to toe. At first the experience is erotic, then blissful, but after a while it seems dreadful. She reminds him to stay the course and feel the emotions no matter how difficult they become. Tears gather in the corner of his eyes and he is eager to jump out of bed to end the terrible anguish. Priscilla warns him not to do so or he will remain stuck in this negative state. Soon his sadness turns into an intense anger. He wants to hurt her with every fibre of his being. Priscilla calls out to Jesus, who immediately runs into the room.

“The session is nearly over,” Priscilla admonished, “we have reached the most critical part, so please bear with me a little longer.”

“What the fawk is that dog doing here!?” Jonathan cries out in a rage.

Jesus instantly jumps up on the bed, digs his claws into Jonathan’s chest, and opens his drooling mouth to reveal his bone crushing teeth. Jonathan immediately freezes into a mold of brittle fear. The shock is so intense that it puts him completely out of his mind.

“Why do you want to hurt people?” Priscilla asked with a kind and gentle voice while stroking the dog’s head. There is only silence. Then she ordered the animal off the bed. He slowly backed away while keeping eye contact with Jonathan. She repeats the question, “Why do you want to hurt people?” Jonathan remains unresponsive. Then she tells the dog to leave the room and shuts the door after him. She sits next to Jonathan and starts to play with his long dark hair. Colour returns to his face and his breathing returns to normal.

“I’ve never been more scared in my life,” Jonathan whispered, “please tell me this is over.”

“That’s entirely up to yourself,” said Priscilla, “but first you have to be honest with me and clearly state why it is that you take delight in trying to sexually exploit others.”

“I guess I enjoy the feeling of having power over another person,” it’s as though Jonathan is thinking out loud, “and it gives me a sense of belonging.”

“Are you sure, or are you guessing?” Priscilla moves a little closer.

“Yeah, I’m sure. It feels empowering to inflict suffering on another individual.”

She lies down next to him and strokes his chest with her long manicured nails. “Do you believe you can attain authentic power in this way?” Priscilla’s voice softened even more.

“Not really,” replied Jonathan, “for in the long run I am actually depleting my self-esteem and making myself even more fragile and weak.”

“Are you ready to take that extra step to sever such behaviour?” Priscilla moved her forehead into Jonathan’s cold cheek.

“Yes, of course, with all my heart.”

“The next time you feel the urge to take advantage of a woman, I would like you to relive the same experience you had with Jesus some moments ago.”

“That would definitely ruin the mood,” acknowledged Jonathan, “and would certainly discourage me from following through with my ploy.”

“There’s one more thing that I would like to ask of you.”

“Anything, just name it.”

“But first I would like to check and see if your erectile dysfunction has been cured.”

“Seriously!? Ok, if you insist.”

“Close your eyes Jonathan and imagine my hand hovering over the fellow down stairs.”

“Wow! I think it’s working… Actually, I’m pretty sure it is.”

“There is something rising up from the deep down there,” Priscilla laughed with glee.

Jonathan reached for Priscilla’s face but she pulled back with an irritated sigh. Jesus let out a sharp growl from behind the door which rendered Jonathan limp as a dead man.

“Respect my boundaries Jonathan,” warned Priscilla, “no touching, remember.”

“Yes, that’s right, I am sorry about that,” groaned Jonathan, “it won’t happen again. So what was the other thing that you wanted of me?”

“In order to instill the lesson you received here today, I want you to meet with Mini a few times a week for the next few months. Absolutely no sex and you are to treat her with the utmost respect and admiration. If she needs help with her math then help her. If she needs to vent her problems then listen to her. Once the period of time ends you are free to go your own way but if my intuition is right, chances are you will come to cherish her.”

“That is one tall order but I am obliged to comply with your terms.”

“There’s one more condition. We are to meet every other week to discuss your progress and make adjustments along the way. This will be strictly professional in nature. As your acting therapist I expect you to heed my council along the way. In the name of Jesus, do you agree?”

“I most certainly do,” affirmed Jonathan.

“So I don’t need to find another way to put the fear of Jesus into you.”

“You’re preaching to the choir and I am your alter-boy.”

“Good God,” cried Priscilla, “there’s one more thing that you need to be aware of.”

“I am all ears.”

“I will be testing you along the way by placing beautiful young women in your vicinity. I will know if you have been respectful or not. Remember, Jesus is watching you, so let’s make sure that you’re on your best behaviour at all times.”

Priscilla’s warning silences Jonathan to the quick. Fighting fire with fire can turn into a diabolical game. He’s been had, checkmated without even seeing the technique that cornered him. No one knows how the continuation of this story will unfold, or if Jonathan will lapse back into perversion through some other means. But all we can say for now is that it takes a truly strong woman to bring out the best in a man. 😉

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11 Responses to The Coffee Shop Stalker – Part 9

  1. I enjoyed the fact that your short story, “The Coffee Shop Stalker” starts with Jonathon, who seems “inclined to periodically bite into you with (his) scornful remarks” finishes with Jesus, lapdog of the muse-like/anima Priscilla, threatening to bite him.

    For me there’s a feeling of coming full circle, a natural ending, or perhaps a pause. Thank you for sharing your weekly installments of this engaging short story. Bravo! I had no idea what would happen next! Bright Beltane Blessings, Deborah.

    • Deborah, I didn’t see the dog coming into it either. It’s as though the story already existed and it was up to me to stop and listen for it. Good observations by the way. Glad to know you were there for it at the end. Bright Beltane Blessings indeed.

  2. Jason, a masterfully written short-story… intricately woven with intrigue and mind bending suspense. An excellent penning!

  3. Jason, a masterfully written short-story intricately lined within its four walls creeping suspense and mind blowing intrigue!

  4. Anna says:

    This notion of sexual exploitation is interesting indeed. One nut I’ll certainly never crack. 🙂

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