The Winds of Change – Setting

Before you delve into today’s post be sure to soak up the imagery in Michelangelo’s painting above. This section of his fresco possesses a kind of diabolical gravity so to speak. Imagine yourself seated in the middle of this commotion as these zombie like creatures emerge from the darkness below. What role do they play in God’s Judgement day?

The Horror of God’s Wrath – A General Backdrop
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

“And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.” – Revelation 13:1

Deep down in the dark caverns of the Antarctica reside the Nephilarches. A genetically modified species that went into hibernation thousands of years ago. These creatures once thrived and ruled the earth. Now they lie dormant in the cold dark of shadow, waiting for the sky to be filled with carbon dioxide which they need in order to breathe and regain their strength.

In 1914 a very strong toxic meteorite hit the earth, pervading the atmosphere with a subtle gaseous poison. Hence stirring the Nephilarches from their slumber, and enabling them to psychically connect with the rulers of the earth. Thus began WWI, the initial domino that is to gradually bring about their dominion over man and animal alike.

Though only few in number, they are the masters of a much larger race called the Nephilim. To us the Nephilim appear as giants with supernatural abilities. Some of them are remembered to this day as heroes, such as the great Hercules and Acheilles. Such were the mighty men of old, the men of renown. As we speak the majority of them reside frozen in the north, just below the speedily melting arctic glaciers. But soon they are to be awakened and so will their appetite for human flesh.

The Lord GOD says, “I give command, and I bring them: giants are coming to fulfil my wrath, rejoicing at the same time and insulting.”Isaiah 13:3

The Antichrist, by means of occult power, will bring the giant beasts back to life, and gather from among them the greatest of their kind so as to lay siege of the throne of Jehovah God. In its stead he will build the Temple of Solomon in all its glory. This will serve as a sort of nuclear plant that will provide energy to all the ancient temples around the world. It will enable men to commune with the gods, and live as immortals.

“During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.” – Revelation 9:6

Chosen among the gentiles to rule as King and Priest, the Antichrist shall be called Justinian the Great, for he forges a new world order under the banner of Seth so as to unite all the monotheistic religions of the world. All shall bend their knee to God as they face Mecca, blessing themselves in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, while reciting aloud: “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is One.” Those who refuse this small act of homage will know the King as Justinian the Terrible, and in turn will be eaten alive by the Nephilim beasts.

After 7 years of great tribulation, the son of Jehovah with legions of angels will return to the city of Jerusalem to make war against the beast. All the world will cry out in lamentations, cursing the son of Jehovah, whose name cannot be spoken here, lest the day of judgement be upon us this moment. For now we shall call him Yeshua, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, for he has descended from the Heavens.

All the military forces of the world will gather around Yeshua to wage war against him and his followers. This confrontation will bring about a great schism, an opening of two worlds. Many will remain mired in this world of war and decay, to reincarnate over & over in their tiresome anguish. Others will enter into another dimension, and know not death.

Thrown down, without his crown, the Antichrist walks through Gehenna unscathed by its fire and burning corpses. The great battle of God Almighty has ended and those who survive are dejected and scattered to the four winds of the earth. Every city has been brought low. Even the sun remains blood red all the daylong and the sky an eerie crimson. No technology, not even a reference book survived the horror of God’s wrath. As for those who entered into the Kingdom of Heaven, I cannot say, for Jehovah the God in his mercy sent me back in time to tell what is to befall mankind during the End of Days.

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6 Responses to The Winds of Change – Setting

  1. Was this inspired only by the painting, or by the happenings around us these days?

  2. Jason, your blending of art with your amazing literary mind makes for one masterful writing after another!

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