The Winds of Change – Part 1

♣♣♣ Part I ♣♣♣
The Pope’s Secret Charge
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

“The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” – Genesis 6:4

Pope Francis greeted Jason, the Abbot of Belvedere, with all the proper dignities of his station in the Church. The Vicar of Christ is required to meet with the abbot every Easter, which often leaves the friars feeling ecstatic for weeks on end, but this occasion was different from all the rest.

“Holy Father, I bow not to you but to the sacred that resides in you.” Then Jason kissed the ring on the Pope’s hand, which appeared too heavy for his boney fingers.

“My son,” he said with a warm smile, “we owe you our life. The Church has been protected by your Order since the age of Constantine.”

“Blessed Father, your words fill me with unspeakable joy. How may we serve you?”

“What I need to ask of you no Pope has ever asked until now.”

“What is your word, and it shall be done.”

“You must locate the ancient scrolls within Solomon’s tomb.”

“All of them or one in particular?”

“The one closest to his heart.”

“That book would unleash a terrible evil if opened!”

“This much I know, but you must read the golden text from beginning to end.”

“But Holy Father! That will bring about the end of the world! Has it not been forbidden to speak the old language of the angels?”

“Yes, my dear one, but the Lord Almighty wills it so… Come, let us sit next to the altar, and feel the warmth of the fire nearby. This usually calms my anxiety.”

A monk arrived and put a large piece of birch into the fire. It filled the area with a light smoky grey, causing the Pope to squint his eyes.

“Sorry about that Father, but the friars are eager to serve you.”

“God bless him for tending to my needs.” Francis nodded his head to the wood bearer who kept his gaze downwards as he hurried out of sight.

“Yes Father, is there anything else that we can do for you; a pair of slippers maybe?”

“No, no, I’m quite alright my son. Let’s just sit here in silent reflection for a while. We need to be calm and composed before I explain the expediency of what is to follow.”

They sat there for nearly an hour in prayer before the Pope spoke.

“Listen to me carefully, Jason, for what I am about to share with you cannot pass these walls. Do you recall what was written in the Book of Jude?”

“Yes Supreme Pontiff, for that is the very reason that my Order was established.”

“Then refresh my memory by sharing what is written in the 6th verse? Please read aloud; your voice has a way of soothing me.”

“According to the testament of Jude it reads: ‘Remember the angels who did not stay within the limits of their proper authority, but abandoned their own dwelling place: they are bound with eternal chains in the darkness below, where God is keeping them for that great Day.’ Why do you give mind to these fallen ones might I ask?”

“You may, my son, and then I would respond in this manner. The Angel of the Lord has come to me, warning me that the offspring of the fallen angels are soon to be awakened in great number. But not all of them are completely corrupt, even though they are unredeemable through the blood of Christ.”

“Such are the Nephilim. They did nearly destroy the planet during their reign.”

“Yes, this much is true, Jason, but the angel reminded me that we have the keys to either bind them or set them free, and instructed me to choose the greatest of their kind to help us speedily gather together all the Christians into one house, the Roman Catholic Church.”

“But Holy Father, surely this is God’s will; to bring all the Christians into one house again.”

“Indeed, but I’m afraid of what will befall those who refuse to return to our Faith.”

“Ah yes, you are alluding to the immoral nature of the Nephilim, many of whom are giants with ferocious appetites for the flesh of men.”

“So you know the reason for my grief. But the angel said that you and your household will be protected, Jason, and so will those who receive your banner.”

“But what shall become of you my blessed one?”

“As foretold by the 12th-century Bishop of Malachy, my end is nearly upon me.”

“Who will lead the Church in your absence!?”

“That charge belongs to you, my beloved, if you will receive it.”

“But Holy Father! I am least fit for such leadership. Surely the Almighty can choose someone more suited to the task.”

“No my son, he chooses you. He doesn’t want you to manage the daily affairs of the Vatican. He wants you to lead the flock into a renewed Church.”

“How could this be possible!”

“With God all things are possible.”

“Then I will do as you ask my Supreme Pontiff.” Without being asked, Jason knelt before the blessed sacrament.

“With this ring, I hereby anoint you Emperor of all of Rome, to serve and defend the Church, as well as her States, even unto death.”

“What am I to say?”

“Say yes, and you will bring me more joy and happiness than any other son could give his father.”

“Yes then, of course, my Pope, yes is my answer.”

“You will receive an official crowning in Vatican City once you return from the north with the Nephilim written on this scroll.”

Jason carefully unravelled the crusty leaf. “But Holy Father, most of these creatures are huge. How could we ever bring them here? Wait a second… ah, most of them can appear as beautiful women. Surely this won’t go down well with the Cardinals!”

“It was they who convinced me to listen to the Angel of the Lord. And besides, Cardinal Medici, the patron of your Order, and the Vatican’s most benevolent investor, has spoken highly of you and has commissioned the greatest of naval architects to build you a ship for your expedition.”

“Strong enough to break through the northern ice?”

“Yes, with ease in fact, or at least this much I am told, and not only that, according to Medici large enough to house at least 20 of their largest giants. As its captain, you are expected to give the ship a name.”

“Let’s agree to call it the Argo?”

“My Emperor and King, the Princes of your Church and I would prefer that name above all.”

“You honour me with this. What can I give you to show you my undying gratitude?”

“You may release me from my office as Supreme Pontiff.”

“Does this need to happen right away?”

“No, no, my King, but as you wish.”

“What do you think of abdicating during my coronation?”

“That transfer of power would be most ideal during a public ceremony. But it would be prudent to give the people a gift that will help soothe the transition.”

“What would you have me give them?”

“Cardinal Medici is prepared to employ any of your attempts to restore social justice in the Papal States. Even the Vatican officials are willing to spend every last ducat to serve your ends.”

“Speak freely Holy Father; what would you have me give the people exactly?”

“We would be pleased to hear you say that you desire to feed the poor, heal the sick, house the orphans and care for the widows, my Lord.”

“Then may it be so. Could you designate three officials on my behalf to help me minister these affairs? Preferably two who hold contrary views to one another, and the third who can speak independently of the others? None of them can desire to line their own pockets.”

“You are a true and just King.”

“Furthermore, of these three, one shall be a devout Muslim, the other a learn’d Jew, and the third a kind Christian. All of them wise and fully willing to work towards a mutual understanding and respect for the principles our religions hold in common.”

“And most worthy to wear the crown.”

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11 Responses to The Winds of Change – Part 1

  1. Nicely done. I look forward to seeing where you go with the story.

  2. Anticipation! Can´t wait for the next …..

  3. inese says:

    I am totally engrossed in your story, Jason, and very much looking forward to the next chapter.

  4. Jason, an intricately woven biblical passage into the deeply philosophical realm of religion. An exceptionally written story that leaves the reader seeking even more answers.

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