The Winds of Change – Part 4

♠♠♠ Part IV ♠♠♠
Unlocking Solomon’s Crypt
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Jason embraced Thomas with both arms, encouraging him that the creature was no longer a threat, and then stretched out his hand to Borgia who looked intently upon his ring of magic.

“Was my mind playing tricks on me just now, or did your ring radiate a pure white light?” Borgia asked with disbelief, before he held Jason’s hand.

Jason gently raised Thomas’s head so all could face one another before he spoke. “The ring is indeed magic and once belonged to King Solomon. It grants the owner the ability to bend the demon’s will to their own.”

“Come now brothers,” shouted Samson, “we haven’t much time to open the crypt.”

Jason helped Thomas to his feet and Borgia held the door for them to pass through. They descended the stairs with haste.

“Quickly now,” ordered Jason, “place your pebbles in the openings near the entrance at the exact same time.”

Borgia turned and addressed Samson, “I didn’t see you draw a red pebble.”

“True,” said Samson, “you didn’t see me draw one at all.”

“So how did you come to have one of your own?” Jason asked with a stern yet pleasant look on his face.

One could hear Samson swallow his Adam’s apple.

“I withdrew a red pebble before placing the box in the hall,” replied Samson.

“So you cheated!?” protested Borgia.

“Not at all,” answered Samson, “I merely took the initiative as your Director to act in your best interest.”

Thomas, who received his monastic name after Thomas Aquinas because of his broad understanding of Church theology, chimed in, “Good is to be done and pursued, and evil is to be avoided, according to the first principle of Natural Law.”

“Very good,” concluded Samson, “you can recite what has been written by the great Doctor of the Church, but do you know what it means?”

Thomas paused for a moment before his response, “The implication is irrefutable, Director, we must avoid evil at all cost in order to achieve good.”

Jason could see where the argument was going, so he reined it in with a politic response. “You are all correct in some respect, and each of you ought to allow one another to express the reasons for their point of view before coming to a conclusion. Yet now is not that time, but of action, so please focus and concentrate your attention upon the task at hand.”

Samson received his cue to take charge, “Ok friars, at the count of three, put your stone into the hole. One… two… three.”

The contraption made an unlocking sound. Then Jason grabbed the wheel with both hands and turned it counter clockwise. The concrete door slowly opened with a scrapping sound. Once the dust settled, the sarcophagus was plain to see. It was positioned in the centre of the room and was surrounded by exquisite art that made the area look like the inside of an ancient scroll. There were 12 pillars evenly placed around its interior, and a dome ceiling that appeared translucent with small openings that gave the impression that there were actual stars above them.

“Shall we enter the room then?” asked Thomas, with a hesitating tone.

“Don’t mind if I do,” smirked Borgia, who was no doubt the most curious in the group.

Borgia wasn’t so much concerned with Solomon’s sarcophagus as he was with studying the room’s interior for booby traps. He watched the Raiders of the Lost Ark as a kid, and so he was determined not to make the same mistake as Indiana Jones. The fact that it was only a movie didn’t seem to factor into his reasoning.

“You have nothing to fear in here,” Jason assured his brothers, and then motioned Samson to hold down on the lever near the head of the coffin.

The top layer slid off with ease, enabling access to the primary textbook, namely the Keys of Solomon, which was in excellent condition. The sarcophagus was composed of ancient technology, and had been updated throughout the centuries to preserve its inner content.

“Probably the most beautiful sight in all of Christendom,” exclaimed Samson, while addressing Thomas, “and as our Order’s Director and oldest standing member, not once have my eyes beheld the inside of Solomon’s tomb till now.”

“So it is true then,” declared Thomas, “we really are the Secret Protectors of Solomon’s Tomb (SPST) in all respects of the name, seeing that we its friars, including its Director, are oblivious to the secrets that reside within.”

“That may be true,” replied Samson, “but only in part, for you see, we each have a role to play in our great work. It is not for us to understand every single piece of the whole.”

“And what of the contents of The Key of Solomon?” asked Thomas, “will its text remain secret from us as well?”

“Only the abbot of our Order has the right to read it,” answered Samson, “so it is up to him to reveal its mandate as he sees fit.”

“And what if the devils spawn should overpower our abbot in this quest; who among us would be able to take his place.”

“Ease your mind Thomas,” Jason spoke softly, “If God is for us, then who can be against us.”

“Do you speak with providential assurance, my abbot?” Thomas questioned.

“To some he has given such foreknowledge,” replied Jason.

“And to each and every person that is predestined by God?” Thomas continued to test his abbot to make sure that he remained aligned with the fundamental teachings of the Church.

“No Thomas,” replied Jason, “lest those who are not elected should despair, and the elect fall into negligence.”

“And if by chance you are not of the elect, will not all this striving be in vain?”

“Even if God hardened my heart as black as Pharaoh’s, my dear Thomas, I would continue to serve him without the promise of everlasting life.”

“You would do this in spite of the hell that awaits you!?”

“Yes,” affirmed Jason, “for the living know they are going to die, but the dead know nothing at all.”

“So the dead know nothing at all; neither purgatory or suffering?”

“Indeed,” Jason quoted Ecclesiastes 9:5 of the Douay-Rheims Bible, “for whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in hell.”

“What do you mean by this exactly?”

“If there is no work or understanding while in hell, as the scripture clearly states, how could one be cognizant of suffering?”

“But what of the everlasting hell fire!? How could Christianity stand, if nobody feared for their immortal souls?”

“My point exactly,” replied Jason, “Christianity will soon fall so as to make way for the Messiah, who was, is and is not a Christian, but a Hebrew.”

“But you evaded my question altogether!”

“For the love of goodness Thomas,” whispered Jason, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment.” (1 John 4:18)

“So you are trying to say that the Church made a mistake in their interpretation of the Holy Scripture, and that God is not going to torment the unrighteous forever and ever?”

“The very thought of God allowing people to burn in fire for eternity is most diabolical and completely contrary to his loving nature. The fathers of the Church, the very ones who murdered their brethren out of fear and jealously, have twisted scripture to serve their own ends.”

“In other words,” Thomas retorted with blatant irony, “the one who fears has not been perfected in love?”

“It is as you say,” replied Jason, “for all of us, including each and every Christian domination, has gone astray; each has turned to his own path.”

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6 Responses to The Winds of Change – Part 4

  1. I’m continuing to enjoy the story. I like the concept of the “Sacred Protectors of Solomon’s Tomb.”

  2. inese says:

    Ah… the seemingly perfect election system has been ruined by cheating… Why am I not surprised?

    Good job, Abbot Jason! I enjoy your story.

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