The Winds of Change – Part 5

♣♣♣ Part V ♣♣♣
The Crown of Justice
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

“There is nothing so cheering as the images of the virtues displayed in the characters of those who live with you, and grouped together as far as possible.” – Marcus Aurelius

“Is all this really necessary,” Borgia piped up, “whether we are destined to live forever, or suffer eternal judgement!?”

“Speak your mind, Borgia,” entreated Jason, “I am listening.”

“The way I see it, all this religious dogma is like a snake’s skin; that is to say, once it has served its purpose, then it ought to be shed, and besides, are we not to be wise as serpents?”

“Blasphemer!” yelled Thomas, “how dare you belittle the teaching of Holy Mother Church! Don’t you realize that the Church is the only thing on earth that is separating us from eternal damnation!?”

Samson touched Thomas’s shoulder and nodded his head no, indicating that it was time to listen and remain quiet.

“That’s the way you see things Thomas,” Borgia replied, “as a puppet with strings you align your will with forces outside of your control rather than think for yourself. Like a child you believe God has you in the palm of his hand.”

Jason gestured for Borgia to continue speaking his mind.

“What matters is that we act in accordance to our best judgement, and fulfill our duties to one another,” Borgia paused to see if anyone was going to jump in before he resumed, “to do so, we must work within our own strengths if we are to extend ourselves and give our best.”

Borgia’s stoic ethics is very much in keeping with the Catholic Church. Yet he refuses to be encumbered by ecclesiastical matters, knowing full well that he doesn’t have a natural inclination for it. He wears his robes as a way to serve and protect his community, whereas God doesn’t factor into his reason for being a part of a religious cluster.

“Take for instance the foreign text inscribed on this sarcophagus,” explained Borgia, “What does it mean? This doesn’t convey anything to me whatsoever. In my heart and soul it’s the spirit of the law that counts, not the actual words, or what is written by men of old.”

A gentle and calming peace fell upon the friars like the first cool breeze of a hot summer’s day. The sun’s rays entered the sky dome above them, illuminating the ancient Hebrew text on Solomon’s tomb. Samson took it as a divine sign to translate the text into English.

“Nothing is better than Wisdom, who has given shape to everything that exists. If you truly love what is right, learn from her, the source of all goodness: for she teaches temperance and prudence, justice and courage; nothing in life is more profitable for mortals than these.” (Wisdom of Solomon 8:6-7)

When Samson finished reciting the passage aloud, it was apparent to everyone in the room that scripture continued to play an active role in the lives of those concerned. Then Jason turned the number 8, representing the chapter of the text, into a horizontal position, and then read the verse aloud in ancient Hebrew. As he spoke, a compartment in the lower section of the sarcophagus slid open, which revealed the cornerstone of Solomon’s Temple.

Samson spoke with the glee of a school boy, “It’s the Breastplate of Aaron; worn by the High Priest while entering the Holy of Holies. Allegedly missing for thousands of years was under our nose all this time.”

Someway, somehow, the entire room appeared translucent. It was as though the calligraphy on the walls came to life. In it Jason could see his destiny appear before him. He was truly to become the last Roman Emperor so as to give all authority and power back to the Hebrew people. The appointed time of the gentiles was soon to end.

Then Jason levitated some feet off the ground, the floor below him appeared as a running river of streams, and with arms extended to heaven made a solemn promise to the ever living one, “It will be three and a half years. When the persecution of God’s people ends.”

“He is reciting word for word from the final chapter of Daniel. The words of The Prophesy of Daniel are said to be rolled up and sealed until the time of the end,” exclaimed Thomas, who couldn’t help himself from explaining the revelation that was taking place before their eyes.

It was apparent to all the friars that Jason was raptured into an ecstatic state and could clearly read the writing on the wall. Who could have known before this moment that the words of Daniel’s prophesy were both literally and figuratively being reserved for the time of the end… Jason returned to his feet but his countenance continued to shine brightly.

“My Lord and my God,” exclaimed Jason, “my eyes have beheld the glory of thy name. Let your servant go forth and gather onto your mountain your holy people.”

Jason fell to his knees as he bathed in the intense light that radiated down from the opening in the ceiling; the golden rim of the sky doom appeared as a king’s 12 pointed crown, representing the 12 tribes of Israel. A piece of cloth with scripture written on it gently fell into Jason’s hands, who in turn read it aloud for all to hear.

“As to the rest, there is laid up for me a crown of justice, which the Lord the just judge will render to me in that day.” (Douay-Rheims Bible, 2 Timothy 4:8)

“Holy Father,” Samson cried with out in joy, “you have received another crown!”

“Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.” Jason quoted from the gospel of Matthew.

“And furthermore,” said Jason, “my coronation name shall be Justinian, for the Lord this day has imbued my heart with a great love for justice.”

“The coronation procedure is to take place in Vatican City during the summer but what day are you to receive the actual crown? Many of our friars would like to prepare in advance so that they might give you a royal welcoming.” Samson’s request was carefully followed with his reason for asking.

“The Pope has agreed to crown me during the summer solstice, my dear Samson, but we have agreed to keep the ceremony relatively quiet, so you need not provide the friars with any additional news,” replied Jason, “but forget about all that for the time being, and let us speak of justice instead.”

“Then speak to us, Justinian,” implored Thomas, as he took hold of his teacher’s hand, “of this great love for justice?”

“Yes, Justinian,” followed Borgia, both in word and in action, “I too am a witness this day of God’s anointment, who I now believe in more than anything.”

Samson grasped the left hand of Borgia and the right hand of Thomas, completing the circle.

“As it is written on Solomon’s coffin,” declared Jason, “each of us shall emulate one of the cardinal virtues so that we may remain as one in our cause. Are we all in agreement?”

The group agreed without stipulating terms or conditions.

“Borgia will exemplify fortitude; that is to say he will be a paragon of courage.”

Borgia stuck out his chest while keeping his shoulders in check. His smile lit up the room all the more.

“Samson will show us the way of temperance; for instance, he will not indulge himself in wine, but will demonstrate what it means to live with moderation and self-control.”

Samson felt his eyes water with emotion but quickly composed himself.

“Thomas, our very own Aquinian library, will serve our cause through the virtue of prudence; he will provide council and advice in light of the word our God.”

Thomas nodded his head yes.

“As for myself,” exhorted Jason, “justice will direct our feet onto the very end.”

All responded in the affirmative, and then pressed Jason to speak of justice.

“Listen carefully, but without effort,” cautioned Jason, “for I will speak to you of Justice through the medium of poetry. So clear your mind of all expectations and may the Spirit of our God and Saviour impart us with true understanding.”

(Click here or on the image above, to hear the poem imbued with love.)

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