The Winds of Change – Part 7

♣♣♣ Part VII ♣♣♣
Will in Motion
Apocalyptic Fiction by Jason Youngman

Jason rang the steward and ordered two cups of green tea with a squeeze of lemon in each. Then he asked Isaac if he would like biscuits with his tea. Isaac waved off the offer with his hand. With his other hand he made knots in his beard; an old habit that he picked up whenever he was given over to deep thinking. He noticed how the clouds outside the plane danced on by without a care in the world.

“What troubles you?” asked Jason, “I know that look on your face.”

“Just pondering our next move, that’s all,” replied Isaac, while giving his beard one last twirl.

“We have been through this before,” said Jason, “we got this.”

“You are right,” agreed Isaac, “It’s just that I need to feel certain. The plan is solid, but the heart needs assurance.”

“The heart is a treacherous thing and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jason quoted the prophet Jeremiah.

“Ah, yes, the weeping prophet,” remarked Isaac, “but ours is that of tears of joy.”

Someone knocked. Jason said enter. A military soldier opened the door for the steward to enter with a tray of beverages and snacks. Jason thanked the steward and asked him to close the door on the way out.

“Green tea is good for the heart,” noted Jason, as he poured Isaac’s cup half full, “but we should never drink too much of it. Do you know why that is?”

“Not overly; why?”

“It can damage the kidney’s, but if drank in moderation it does wonders for our health.”

“Ah, true, most herbs have medicinal properties to them.”

“Worry can also have a cathartic feel to it. In fact, many of us do it thinking that it will bring about a solution.”

“Is that so?”

“Seldom does the worrier reach a cure but by drowning his fears over and over he feels a sense of euphoria.”

“So he gets off on it, but at the expense of his health?”

“Indeed, but it doesn’t stop there, for that person’s actions have a way of impacting others around them.”

“Ok, Jason, I see what you’re up to. What concerns me the most about our mission is that if we screw this up, then these creatures of the underworld may have their way with us.”

“Very well,” countered Jason, “so let us assume the worst case scenario. What then? They eat us and then we die?”

“There are far worse things than death my boy. The Nephilim have a way of keeping their prey alive while slowly digesting them over the course of several days.”

“That wouldn’t be a pretty sight to behold now would it?” Jason’s sarcasm cuts through Isaac’s skin with the jagged force of Frankenstein’s blunted scalpel. “So you are afraid of being gnawed on for a few days? Is that what worries you?”

“Doesn’t it sound nightmarish to you?”

“It can certainly make for one hell of a horror show,” laughed Jason, “but I would be more afraid of losing my precious time to such fantasies. However, this is not about me is it? How much time do you need to think about these things before you can move pass it?”

“Good point,” replied Isaac, “what good can be done by imagining ourselves in a situation by which we are completely powerless and without options.”

“There’s no need to make oneself redundant Isaac,” observed Jason, “every useless thought detracts from our ability to perform well.”

When the plane began its descent, Isaac attempted to put his seat belt on, but Jason encouraged him to leave it off and put his faith in God.

“You are the lawless one,” cackled Isaac.

“We are to play a proactive role in the creation process, or the Lord God will use us indirectly. Either way,” explained Jason, “mind the greater purpose, and let’s be fearless onto the end.”

“It is better to die in pursuit of the good, than to live in comfort without a worthy end.” Isaac’s words restored Jason’s confidence to the full.

It was difficult to tell at what point the plane touched ground. Everything was white with snow except for a few structures here and there. Jason and the crew had to bundle up in sheep’s wool to survive the bitter cold as they transferred to a nearby vehicle. Along the way Isaac jested that he was a wolf in sheep’s skin, but Jason could barely chuckle due to the freezing wind that robbed him of his breath. They knew then and there that the cold was only a fraction of the challenges that lie ahead.

While in transit, Jason slipped on the ice and fell to the ground, but caught himself with one arm. Vlad immediately raised Jason to his feet. Jason leaped back to a horizontal position, did 10 push-ups on the same arm he landed on, and at the last push used its momentum to throw himself back on his feet. Always get back up the same way you fall declared Jason. Vlad brought himself to complete attention and saluted his chief commanding officer.

Jason personally handpicked his private bodyguards. Their extensive military training in Siberia would be required for the extremes of the Arctic, if not for protection from wild life, then definitely for orientation and communication, as well as for political reasons. Each of them was raised Russian Orthodox Christian and was fully committed to the catholic cause. The unification of their two religions was the shoulders by which to gather all the other Christian denominations into the one fold. Russia fully supported the union.

Vlad was the bastard son of the President of Russia. Putin vowed to recognize him as his legit heir if he could raise himself up through his own merit. At the age of 25 he was already acknowledged as Russia’s bravest soldier but Putin had yet to make a public declaration. Jason was well aware of Vlad’s situation and was keen to exploit his vulnerability. Jason held the power to make the boy’s dreams come true and arrange it so that he neither had to stand in his father’s shadow or become a mere celebrity toy for the amusement of the masses.

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5 Responses to The Winds of Change – Part 7

  1. JC says:

    I love this especally your writing… jc

  2. inese says:

    Hm… those push-ups are very Putinesque…
    Great read, Jason.

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