Dance as Creative Art

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” – Rumi

My passionate love for dance transcends all forms of romance, especially if my ears are picking up on the sweet vibes of trance! Whether deep in the forest or in the comfort of my room, while dancing, the strings of time unwind, and hours can quickly fade out of mind. Yet that is not enough to describe, what comes over me as an ocean’s tide, while all thought dissolves into this, a pure and natural instinctual bliss.

In regards to elaborating on my newly revised About page, it is my intention to share what makes me shine most on stage. Today’s blog will depict my relationship with Terpsichore, the goddess of dance and some say lyrical poetry; nevertheless, out of all the muses to embrace my destiny, ‘tis she who has imparted me with the greatest degree of ecstasy.

A brief word about the video production itself: Even though the cinematography gives no occasion for boasting here, it does however seem to capture in spirit the origins of trance, which likely goes back thousands of years to the indigenous people while performing shamanistic rituals. In other words, the dancer (or shape-shifter) in the video, that would be me, splits into two, before he reveals his daemon or unique animal spirit deity.

Click here or on the image above to see the power of Eros turn the mundane into Love.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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13 Responses to Dance as Creative Art

  1. Very nice, Jason! I like your moves.

      • One-arm push ups too! I’m thinking Bruce Lee…

      • How uncanny and intuitively observant of you! I’ve read and applied some of Bruce’s techniques during my youth. He was a brilliant creative artist who grasped the fundamental principles that flow from the Tao. If we harness that power for the sake of being one with it, rather than using it to exploit others, then we truly become beautiful in our form.

      • I’ve watched all his movies, read his book and seen him do 4 finger push-ups on Youtube – that’s what I thought of when I watched you doing your subtle moves! Have you seen the very deceptive ad of him playing table-tennis with nunchakus? I learnt Wing Chun for 4 years until I had to give it up because of an injury to my shoulder.

      • Right on! I’ll check it out. Injuries are common in Martial Arts. Our weaknesses come out one way or the other.

  2. Shawn says:

    Hey Jason, wonderful short video. Nice push-ups in the beginning, I thought for a moment that I was in for a training video. And in fact, some of the movements you performed were pretty spot on to stable fighting stances. “Great Spirit” was a great choice of sound, as well.

  3. Excellent – very creative Jason! Fantastic!

  4. inese says:

    The push-ups!
    Agree with everything you say about dance.

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