Navigate Emotional Flow

“Just as the river where I step is not the same, and is, so I am as I am not.” – Heraclitus

As explorers of the mind we travel through all sorts of conscious and unconscious phenomena. Along the way we are met with lakes, rivers and streams. It’s vital to know how best to cross these bodies of water, so we use what we can from those who traversed this landscape before us.

To bring distinction to this metaphorical journey, let us say that water represents our feelings. From this perspective we can envision a river as a strong flowing emotion. If we are to pass through this current it would be prudent to know its properties, such as its depth, velocity, temperature and from where it flows.

Many of the rivers are rather refreshing and provide us with delicious food and drink. But they can also be precarious as well. In fact, some will try to make a river their permanent home! Such can be likened to addicts, and often run into greater trouble down the stream.

They love the feeling of the river-emotion so much that they forfeit their freedom to explore the vastness of the psychic world. In turn they end up stuck and fixated on the one thing in hopes of preserving a fleeting pleasure. Alas, the great openness about them morphs into a tiny bubble.

Now for those who are resolved to embrace life to the fullest, and see life as a journey rather than a destination, such are the souls who continue along the way. They bravely face all sorts of challenges, and encounter new experiences worth passing on… so others might traverse this domain without unnecessary toil and burden.

Eventually our travels will appear to come to an end. We may be faced with an endless sea that threatens to engulf us. Up to this point we have been treading the ground of familiarity but now the water is too deep to cross and there is no turning back.

Our instinct for survival doesn’t allow us to give up so we create a new invention to help us navigate the sea. Perhaps we build a raft of some sort. Nevertheless we go forth into the deep, the great unknown, without any certainties of whether we’ll live or die.

Now we are completely vulnerable and at the mercy of the sea. We don’t know where we are going or how to get there. There is nothing to grasp onto, neither compass nor anchor; even the stars are shrouded in a dark cloudy mystery.

‘Just as the river where I step is not the same, and is, so I am as I am not.‘ Just as every ending makes way for a beginning, so do we ourselves become something other than we are not. Each step into the unknown is so, for we ourselves have taken the step.

The waves upon the sea may appear distinct but in essence remains one and the same as its source. The ripples we project into the surface of the deep need not define us, no more than a moment frozen in time ought to undo us.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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2 Responses to Navigate Emotional Flow

  1. Anna says:

    Beautiful and yes….”In turn they end up stuck and fixated on the one thing in hopes of preserving a fleeting pleasure.” I may stay fixated because my mind can’t comprehend something better.

    • Thank you, Anna, it was my hope to keep it beautiful. However, it is difficult for me to believe that you could be subjected to remaining ‘fixated because your mind can’t comprehend something better,’ You strike me as a person who has more grit and creative imagination than that.

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