Stand on Guard for Thee

“What are you willing to die for?” “What are you willing to kill for?”

People from all around the world can answer these questions without blinking an eye. Yet few can say as to exactly why, and even less can commit to either or, so what if we minced the extremes, as in what are you willing to die and kill for? This seems to soften the blow, but the intensity remains the same.

Do our cultural programs allow us to ask these sorts of questions honestly, or are we expected to show a little modesty. Should Justin Trudeau address such questions in a private discussion, would his personal opinion affect his office without repercussion.

Neither conservative or in need of a valet, yet the curve in his spinal cord gives him away. He seeds with the red of liberal blood, by which our flag remains a leafy bud. Does duplicity make him unfit to bear the weight of the crown; maybe not, probably so, what do I know, easy come, easy go.

So what if my imagination periodically interfaces with a multi-dimensional realm, which makes me sound rather geeky, if not cheeky, but my love remains one love, while standing at the head of the helm. Fifty-cent doesn’t measure up to my loonie, no more than the duck on our toonie– can grow wings for flight, here to fight the good fight, until the end, with or without a friend, we must defend, what is true and right.

Forgive my little lapse into poetic prose, as with the jester of the court, how else can we gather repose, if not thro’ humor and witty contort. In the vein of a politician, my words come with admonition, interweaved through the voices that once stood before. Now is the time, without the banging of a chime, to say your peace, truth threaded into fleece, so as to end this rhyme, without giving way to crime.

So what are you willing to die for? What are you willing to kill for? What really resides at your core? What do you truly live for? Throw your bread upon the sea, and answer these questions carefully, with the utmost priority, as though you hold the reins of authority. Leave your comment below, plant your seed and let it grow.

Disclaimer: The changes made to the Canadian flag have little to do with the global contentions surrounding animal rights, but are meant to be symbolic in nature and in line with the root virtues by which we keep our land glorious and free. Such art ought not to be taken at face value, and neither is it an official representation of our Country, but was created in view to giving additional perspective to my rhapsody above.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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20 Responses to Stand on Guard for Thee

  1. Andrew says:

    Perhaps it may seem cliché, but I would say ‘Truth” echoing the wisdom of Socrates

    • Some things never die, Andrew, but seriously though, is life really worth living if we the people are coerced and/or contrived to live as criminals in order to survive?

      • Andrew says:

        I have to sit on that for a while, the question bears resemble to the themes in 1984 and Brave New World of course – at the crux of it is the Ancient maxim evoked by Socrates ” the unexamined life is not worth living”.

      • Good pattern recognition; the relationship between such worlds have much to say of our own. You are also prudent to sit and ponder such questions, otherwise how could you call yourself a lover of wisdom.

  2. Mary Jo Malo says:

    Very thought provoking indeed, Jason, not to mention poetic and clever. The issue of complicity has troubled me since the 1960’s when I discovered my taxes funded unjust wars. Tax collectors have been anathema to people ever since said taxes were used to suppress the taxed. The many losses of autonomous responsibility are appalling. Whether there is sufficient love to counterbalance the scales of justice is unknown to us mere mortals. I’ve read accounts of near death experiences which explain the “life review” as follows: the “dead” were able to “see” the result of each and every action, whether good or evil. Whether one does or doesn’t believe in an afterlife, there’s no denying the causal chain and whether each of us alone is virtuous enough to affect it positively.

  3. Mary Jo Malo says:

    But more to your point…I don’t know.

  4. I do think Canada is so big with so few a population in certain parts. It is hard to believe, there is not some kind of an awareness. I mean, a nature awareness.

  5. Not a golden papir but a green one. I like green. I think gold is too brash.

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