Blackfoot Becomes Whitefeather

An Aboriginal Story by Jason Youngman
Dreamt into existence during the Blood Moon of 2021
In honor of Gaia (Mother Earth) and the preservation of her forest.

Blackfoot gazed upon the North Star at night. It gladdened him to know that it stayed in the northern hemisphere, and remained still as a lake under a calm wind. He knew in his heart of hearts that the northern light was there to guide the people back into the arms of Nature should they ever lose their way.

For Blackfoot, every step into the future was like walking into the depth of the woods during the pitch black of night. Thus Blackfoot remained true to his name, for every step forward was unknown to him. He could not even tell what would happen from one day to the next.

Fortunately he had a companion who would fly ahead of him to make sure the path was clear. Blackfoot was very thankful to the creature and the Raven was most happy to be Blackfoot’s guide. “You are my eye in the sky, and my reason for asking why,” Blackfoot would often sing aloud to his friend. Then the Raven would sing back, “You are my feet on the ground, and my reason for flying around.” 

The two would often meet in Blackfoot’s dreams where they would play until the first break of day. This went on for years and years until the Raven’s feathers were nearly white. This saddened Blackfoot because it meant that their friendship would come to an end.

However, the Raven assured Blackfoot that when his feathers were completely white, then he would fly over the forest spreading his feathers upon the ground. And when Blackfoot had lots of white hair on his own head, then he could go forth in search of the white feathers, which would appear as innovative ideas that would help to light up the way.

Once Blackfoot was able to gather all the white feathers together, a majestic swan would emerge so as to sing about all the beautiful things that would come to be upon the face of the earth. Such a promise gave Blackfoot much hope, but sadly the Raven became fully white, thus disappeared from Blackfoot’s sight.

Many moons had come and gone before the great Blood Moon, which marked the beginning of a new era. The eclipse made it possible for the Raven to return to Blackfoot in a dream. Instead of a white feathered covering, the Raven now embodied the natural colours of the rainbow.

At first they played together as before but Blackfoot became incredibly thirsty, so the Raven brought him to a still lake under a calm wind. Blackfoot drank from the lake and was rejuvenated! As he drew water he noticed the reflection of the North Star above, and immediately remembered the purpose for love.

Therefore Blackfoot could no longer be called Blackfoot because the path before him was lit up. His new name became Whitefeather Undertree, because now he had eyes by which to see! Henceforth his new role as a Seer was to help keep the people together forever in peace and harmony.

In time other Whitefeathers joined him to protect and preserve all the forests of the world. Thankfully this provided the greatest degree of clean air by which the earth dwellers were restored to good health. Therefore all were able to think clearly and make wise choices.

So this is why Blackfoot’s story has continued to be revealed in light of the way and why the North Star provides colour to all that would otherwise turn grey. Therefore when you gaze upon the night sky, that is why you will hear him say, “Aim for the brightest star to know who you truly are!”

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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2 Responses to Blackfoot Becomes Whitefeather

  1. Shawn says:

    Very nice, Jason. Since that last story you posted in parts, with the guy in the coffee shop, I’ve been looking forward to your next one. You didn’t disappoint. Have you considered writing something novel-length?

    • Thank you, Shawn, I am glad you drew pleasure from my story and have recalled my other series. The coffee shop requires brushing up on Nietzsche, which can be a precarious undertaking if one is not in the right head space; some philosophical perspectives can keep you trapped in its current, and next thing you know you’re in the middle of the ocean without a raft, or in the case of Nietzsche, without a prayer. As for writing novel-length stories, ah, it feels rather indulgent for me, and where the heart fails to line up with the intellect, one may end up dragging their feet so to speak, and life is way too short for that. However it is my intention to write a miniseries on Blackfoot; it would be nice to explain and connect the various symbols used in the story as is. In the meantime, if you think of any INNOVATIVE ideas that might help Blackfoot to preserve the forests then that would be great. Even simple things like discouraging kids from drinking beer from bottles, which often end up as broken glass that get lodged in the paws of animals. Will drop by your site later this week. Could you recommend a single post that would likely resonate with me the most?

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