Tips for Time Management

“Much of what we say and do is not necessary, and if you get rid of that, you will have more leisure and be less disturbed.” – Marcus Aurelius

1. Don’t read personal email within the first few hours of the day.
2. Send out automatic notifications to people who email you stating that you’ll be away for x many days.
3. Do social media only once a week as a treat.
4. Don’t answer your phone when it rings; let the answering machine do its job.
5. Meditate and/or stretch more often throughout the day with brevity.
6. Drink lots of water. Get into the habit of always having a bottle of water next to you.
7. Keep a writing pad around to jot down ideas that come to you. This will help you remain focused on your tasks without juggling unnecessary info that would be better assessed and/or accessed on another occasion.
8. No chocolate, carbonated beverages or caffeine in the evenings.
9. Go to bed and wake up the same time every day.
10. Fast from all mental and physical junk food on Sundays. Avail of this quality of mind to foresee what truly needs to be done throughout the coming week.
11. Try to hit 2 birds with one stone. Ex: If you are going for a walk in the country take a digital recorder to brainstorm and plan out your goals.
12. Get into the habit of posing questions to your co-workers/friends about things you need to know to complete a project. For instance, watching youtube videos successively to learn how to fix something around the house can eat up a lot of your precious time, whereas another may be able to immediately direct you to a good source.
13. Ask colleagues to summarize all the important aspects of a book they are reading. This will help them retain the info and keep you abreast as well. In other words, develop win/win relationships, and give vampires the cross.
14. If you cook a meal have another clean up, and vice versa; the more hands on deck the easier the work.
15. Honour the gods – Spend a few minutes each morning being grateful for the qualities associated with the day in question. For instance, if it’s Friday, the day of Venus, be mindful of all the beautiful things in your life.

Write out the items from the list that will serve you best, and pin it up for 21 days for your own behest. Also feel free to add some time management suggestions of your own in the comment section below.

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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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7 Responses to Tips for Time Management

  1. Sally says:

    These are good, Jason.

    Number 11 has a rather violent sounding expression – we could change that to :’ Feed two birds with one scone’ 🤗

    • Happy you are able to detect its intrinsic value.

      Not sure if the aphorism implies violence in the least, unless of course you are ‘bent’ on perceiving the term ‘hit’ as being harmful; if you want to own that kind of distortion then that is what you choose to see, but please don’t place your ‘sh.. it’ on me. Then again, your saying is rather catchy. Will likely use it in appropriate environments.

  2. Shawn says:

    I like this list a lot. The only aspect I would change is I would ensure that when I hit two birds with one stone, it would be with similar activities. For example, I would include meditation during my walk in the country, as opposed to brainstorming. That way, if your goal in taking the walk was to relax, you aren’t hindering that by sharing your attention with goal planning.

  3. This post is a hearty reminder of all that I need to start or begin again. I have recently taken to cleaning off my desk every morning as a sort of “clean slate” to start from each day. It’s still a work in progress. And if I could only get my wife to cook or do the dishes, I would be on the way. But, that’s why she keeps me around.

    • Best to keep your in-basket half full, just in case you fall into a lull.

      What a hearty reminder – that makes us kinder! A beautiful good that ought never go wrong, and remain in the ether as an angelic song. Should you feed her the most delicious and nutritious dishes, acquire no contract for you have her HEART, so feel free to make some extra wishes, but make sure they are primed with warm kisses. Remember the principle of love and marriage; i.e. always keep the horse before the CART. 😉

  4. Anna Esther says:

    Excellent reminders. Thank you.

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