The Old Man in the Hill

A Wise-tale by Jason Youngman

Very few are aware of the secret underground bunker along Mt. Scio. You could walk right over it and not even know it was under your feet! It has been whispered that our Premier Frank Moore privately contracted a handful of the finest Freemasons to build him his very own underground sanctuary in case of an all out tragedy, but it could be argued that he had it built for another purpose. Suffice it to say that his hole in the ground was somewhat of a fertile oasis.

The whispering wind also suggested that Mr. Moore had his bunker built just below his house so he could slip out of sight whenever the need arose. Sometimes he would go missing for days on end while the Members of Assembly were in procession. Yet it was not as though the Premier was frolicking around underground when in truth he could have been out and about walking through the forest so as to reflect and consider the significant issues he was faced with in his government.

Alas Frank is no longer with us but his house on the hill still stands. Mind you it has passed through a few hands, and it’s presently being used as the Pippy Park Commission Headquarters. Come by to see its exterior design; the courtyard in particular is simply divine. See the attached image to get a feel for the landscape. The fellow in the picture is me posing as an independent reporter. Jan, the person who took the photo, felt that it displays a sense of pride in one’s heritage. Hopefully it also conveys my strong belief in preserving an appropriate balance between liberal and conservative values.

This heavenly garden is also an ideal place to casually speak with folk about important decisions affecting our province, so if you earned the grey on your head and you have a little wisdom to shed, then by all means drop by for a little yarn. Nothing wrong with spinning a tale in the spirit of low-key, but remember to keep your conversation within the good, the beautiful, and the truth that brings no harm. Wednesday happens to be my middle name so to speak, but Saturn is by far a better day to keep one’s tongue-in-cheek.

For those of you who appreciate this poetic rhyme, yet have no clue about the Muse’s nine, at the very least drop by and enjoy the view, serendipity often springs from out of the blue. Whereas those who possess a liberal heart, and love to spew the meditations of Descartes, show your courage by wearing red, if conservative why donning blue instead. Orange bright, and especially Green, how else are we to keep the golden mean. Won’t you coalesce, Newagers too, and tell us why you care about what you do. Both wise-tales and wives’ tales have their place, male and female, equality may we embrace. Either way let’s keep to common sense, mutual understanding without a trace of vehemence. If the pursuit of eudemonia be our primary goal, then what are the precise virtues that keep us whole?

Our sundial casts its shortest shade, by natural law no one can evade, showing the least amount of distortion, allowing for truthful re-absorption. The shortest shadow along the sundial ➸ indicates how to reconcile, for my Muse’s nine to come and greet, their gentle dog with grounded feet. Rekindle the fire we must clear and till, ancient prophecy by the gods fulfill, transform our desires into goodwill, to revive the spirit of the old man in the hill.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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6 Responses to The Old Man in the Hill

  1. “so if you’ve earned the grey on your head and you have a little wisdom to shed … ”
    A wonderful tale with plenty of good wordsmith-ery Jason. My favourite line is above … a true marriage of word and (moving) image. Love and light, Deborah.

    • Thank you! It’s awesome when the pairing goes well. There’s no science to getting it right every time. But dance, poetry and song simply belong; goodness, beauty and truth that never goes wrong.

  2. Clanmother says:

    A wonderful story told in a brilliant way!!

  3. Neat video and interesting story, Jason. I love the creativity.

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