Love’s Divine O’ Muses Nine

“As for the Muses and music and poetry in general, they seem to have derived their name from their eager desire to investigate and do philosophy.” – Plato

Why do the muses remain relevant to a poet philosopher such as myself; whether engrossed in high society or isolated by the ridicule of townies, am I to be someone other than me so that you might feel better about you. No, you silly old man, the muses are a myth, a creation story for children, an artifice by which to bridge their small brains into the collective, so stop your yammering and make yourself useful. My how the mob speaks with such voracious certainty eh; they know what is better for others than themselves apparently. Regardless of how such irony should trickle its way into your ears, here are my reasons for giving the muses three cheers:

(1) On a very down to earth level we could say that all 9 muses serve as modes to inquire into the nature of things. They are exponents of magnanimous wonder, as well as a lifeline while we roam down under. Rendered another way, the muses provide multiple perspectives and frames of reference by which to experience both the subjective and objective planes of reality, be it through realism or idealism, each feeding the other, as well as preceding/interceding/proceeding both rationally and irrationally without necessarily excluding the variables in between.

(2) Metaphorically speaking they represent the primary, secondary and tertiary forces and/or colours that stem from the light of Apollo; sunscreen to protect us from the intensity of the sun, in view to leading us back into the One. In other words, they articulate the mind of GOD so to speak, Giving Orderly Direction to our inner mystique.

(3) Even as mere carbon based life forms belonging to some wandering star, there’s no disputing the fact that the universe is imbued with intelligence of various kinds, so why in hell would you assume that god-like forces only exist in the imagination of a humanoid if the mind/psyche clearly reveals and resonates with the patterns that constitute the cosmos. Yes, we may have garbed the eternal with the melodious fabric of the muses, but how else are we to speak of that which remains ineffably sublime. Better to use playful literature to envelope the beautiful rather than lessen its luminous glow with sheer hubris, skepticism or metaphysical truth claims of things we assume to know.

The muses are recognized worldwide as those who provide inspiration and creative potency; useful psychological drives by which to explore the depths of the mind. In other words, they symbolize architectural principles and/or subsets by which to adorn the world with beauty. How can we learn about what truly matters in life without the intellectual incentive or motivation to embrace the various modes of knowing the world as it is?

It is not enough to have only art and science at our disposal. We also need the innate or natural endowments of divinity. We require imagination to envision and reennact the models of behaviour necessary for achieving results. Without the freedom to exercise our volition or the appropriate will to move ourselves into action, then it doesn’t matter how much information we have at our fingertips if the muses don’t have our back; i.e., if we lack the sufficient vigor and/or virtue to pursue a worthwhile goal.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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10 Responses to Love’s Divine O’ Muses Nine

  1. Sally says:

    Thanks, Jason.
    I also understand very well the attitude of ‘townies’ . 🤗🌼

  2. Shawn says:

    Great post, Jason. I’m glad to see a post of yours, it’s been a while.

    It continues to surprise me how the modern world gives so little stock to that which came before. There’s so much value to be gained from studying old histories, philosophies and cultures. Ive heard those who don’t subscribe to philosophy often say, “the muses had me…” when accomplishing something of substance within their own lives, yet most don’t understand the background of where that saying come from. Excellent post!

  3. My muse right now is a cabin in the woods. Far, far away from everyone.

  4. I’ve missed your philosophical musing Jason so it’s great to imbibe your inspiring words and creative potency. I love the importance you place on whether the muse has our back, or not. Beautifully expressed. Blessings always, Deborah.

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