Daughters of Love’s Delight

Daughters of Love’s delight
Bestowing the mind with great insight
Aiding wisdom by fashioning the mind
To pass unhindered thro’ mass & time

Eternal splendour of Love’s defender
Intertwine our soul with beatific tender
By the many layers that unravel and reveal
The turning of the sacred wheel

Replenish our hearts so that we may steel
Our endless birth into night’s surreal
Less we sink with bodies encumbered
And forget our days are all but numbered.

These simple 12 line rhymes of poetry can be likened to knowing the fragrance of a wild flower. You have to get down on all fours in order to pick up its scent. It’s not enough to place your nose over the plant to smell. You have to completely give yourself over to the experience. Breathe as though you are in sync with the wind. Feel the cool soil under the palms of your hands as though you’re participating in an embodied psalm.

Adore the vitality that emanates from the organism without being anxious or concerned with who might be looking at you from afar. Be fully present to this noble expression of our heavenly star, so that you may fully awaken to who you truly are. Then what dreams will openly splendour inside of you during sleep, so steel the night that you may remain in Love’s endless keep.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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4 Responses to Daughters of Love’s Delight

  1. Beautifully expressed and poetically penned. A joy to read and muse upon. I’ve been out walking for hours today and chanced upon a single wild rose freshly opened in the hedgerow so can relate well to giving myself over to the experience and aroma of a divine flower. Yes, it wasn’t enough to inhale, for hidden this rose, I discovered a whole universe. Poets eh?! Blessings always, Deborah.

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