Trick or Treat Halloween Sweet

“How and what we say are sometimes diametrically opposed, and on occasion even diabolically enclosed, so be careful of that which resides out of sight, or your moonlight fears may grow teeth and bite.” – Philosopher Muse

What does the Christian celebration of All Souls Day, also called the Day of the Dead, and Halloween have in common? Hell do I know. 😉 All jesting aside we may confer that they serve as occasions to honor those who have departed, but far be it from me to provide an analysis of where the two meet, when in fact it is my intention to touch upon the notion of trick or treat.

As a household greeter upon Halloween eve, my preference is to provide the little munchkins with a magic trick instead of a treat that rots the teeth. If you lack the ability to perform optical illusions then why not give them a wand that opens into a flower, or a special gem to bring out the child’s superpower. At the very least give them a song to sing and be grateful for the laughter & smiles they bring.

Now for a word on the attached video which happens to be a comedic Halloween treat, as well as a reminder to be safe and discreet:

Things that appear under the moonlight may not actually be there or presented in a way that is intended. What we say and how it is said are sometimes contrary to one another. Not to mention that we are apt by nature to project our own fears and/or expectations upon the other, even diabolically so, should we apply confirmation bias to bolster our preconceived notions in support of playing the role of a nemesis.

Careful of what resides out of sight, moonlight fears may grow teeth and bite. Our conception of the dead may not just be some imagined way of dealing with separation or loss. Grievances silently fester deep inside; prodding sabotaging acts we rather hide. Demons lie in the unconscious out of sight; we ourselves become the monsters to night. Careful of what lurks in spaces unseen; wishing you all a safe Halloween.


About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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