First Envision the Dream

Big Pond, Pippy Park, St. John’s, NL – Photo taken during Blue Hour by Jason Youngman

“Our setbacks in life provide new perspectives and vistas to broaden our horizon, allowing for opportunities to transcend and transform limitations.”

One of my fantasy dreams consists of developing and preserving beautiful parks throughout Canada where people of all walks of life can come together to discuss constructive ways to improve upon the ecosystem. Our long hikes through the forest would help clear our congested heads so that we may refocus and consolidate our strength on more quality of life projects.

Can you imagine Friedrich Nietzsche, Michelle Obama, Elon Musk, Christopher Nolan and Vladimir Putin all roasting marshmallows around a camp fire in some undisclosed location here in the north without the need of security agents; as in a genuine peace accord respected by all because of our actual needs and mutual interest in thriving rather than simply surviving; availing of the fabric of dreams to create something even greater than what can be achieved as separate ego driven groups and/or nations.

How about we engage this synergistic vision with bold beautiful belief; the kind that allows let’s say for 5 individuals to easily lift a 200 pound boulder into the air with only two fingers. Such an exercise may defy our expectations and yet it perfectly conforms to the laws of nature. Many of us may conceive ingenuity hitting us on the head like a falling brick but in reality just about all great achievements are accomplished through creative cooperation, not so much through like minded participants as with those who think differently from ourselves.

So what do you make of the attached photo? Would it surprise you to learn that it was my desire to photograph this landscape during the golden hour but due to my hip injury you have another image; if taken 30 minutes earlier or later we would be looking at something different than what appears before you now. Our setbacks in life provide new perspectives and vistas to broaden our horizon, allowing for opportunities to transcend and transform limitations, including environmental ones.

On a down to earth level the child in me can see himself atop a high tower overlooking this vast park with remote control access to drones that can assist in search & rescue operations and prevent forest fires! Such high towers (beacons) can also be used to mark reservoirs of water, point the way to emergency shelters and provide chiefs with an alternative means to stay above the smoke so as to better guide their ground forces.

On the other hand, because technology is only as good as its creator, perhaps Elon Musk will personally engineer the drones to smell the potentiality of fire long before it happens. Putin on the other hand can advance his submarines to protect the ocean and distribute clean drinking water to other nations. Michelle Obama can create a universal virtue ethics program so that the whole world can at least have a sense of what it means to have moral bearings. All the Nietzsches of the world will continue finding fault in everything and Christopher Nolan will give us a picture of what the solution looks like through film. Meanwhile I get my solar powered high tower cabin that overlooks the forest and invite birdwatchers from around the world to invest in our future’s primary resource while taking pictures of creatures that would otherwise be impossible for them to locate on their own. How’s that for envisioning a fantasy dream; hope for the best in view to all the rest!

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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3 Responses to First Envision the Dream

  1. Joe G. says:

    Great photo and great post

  2. Interesting collection of individuals. I would have never imagined Nietzche and Nolan, much less Michelle Obama, together. Your line about our setbacks providing new perspectives reminds me of Aurelius’s “the impediment to action becomes the way forward.” Beautiful photo too.

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