An Act of Conscience

“The truly good comes from a good conscience, from honorable counsels, from right action, from despising the things of fortune, from a calm and steady mode of life that walks a single road.” – Seneca

Some sections of the fence around the VOWR radio tower had come apart due to extreme weather conditions. One section in particular had nails sticking up through it, which was partly overlapping a walking trail, so my conscience kicked in and fired off an email to the property owner. To my astonishment they sent someone out to fix it! Also wrote back to thank them of course. Just below are my correspondences and the image above shows their handiwork. Unfortunately the flash on my camera failed to capture the vividness required to fully appreciate the restorations made.

Hey guys, just reminding you that some parts of the fencing around your radio tower on top of Mt. Scio fell apart some months ago during a storm. In particular, a large section of the fence remains partly on top of a walking trail, which happens to have 6 inch nails protruding from it. Unfortunately, once the snow covers the debris, walkers, as well as their dogs, could accidently receive the rusty point of these nails if they are unable to see them. Might it be possible to ask for a carpenter from your parish to fix things up or at least move the broken fence out of harms way. Thank you for keeping our community safe and conducive to healthy living.
Best regards,

Lo and behold, I walked by the tower this evening and noticed the fence all fixed up! Now that’s what I call God’s speed. Really good job too. The integrity seems to be right on. The only thing you might want to touch up on to make it all immaculate like is to tie off the loose ends. In other words, there’s still a few loose nails sticking out in need of hammer’n. Come the dead of winter the snow can get that high and someone heads and eyes into a blizzard might not make the fence out. Low chances of it happening mind you but when it comes to being accountable to the big guy in the sky you wants to cover all your bases eh. Here’s a couple of pictures so you can see with your own eyes what my words are trying to say. Besides that an excellent job fellers. Keep up the good work!

A note on the latter correspondence: It’s somewhat tricky using traditional Newfoundland vernacular in an email for various reasons; however, VOWR is a Christian organization with listeners who go back before we joined Canada, so some allowance can be made in colouring my parlance with such sentimental chime. Furthermore, you don’t want to come across as being too nitpicky, so a sprinkle of informal language helps to soften the sternness implicit in such an address.

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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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  1. This is interesting..St John’s .Hope the fence gets replaced.

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