Adore Queen Athena

“Athena gives the blessings of wisdom and intelligence and the creative arts. And surely she dwells in the capitols of cities because, through her wisdom, she has established the community of the State.” – Flavius Claudius Julianus

Once upon a brighter star, far removed from relative normalcy, in a mindscape coloured with tranquil dormancy, a fragrant breeze moved through the trees, enabling my internal eye to behold the luminous rays of beauty. She pressed her index finger against her sober lips while placing the palm of her right hand over her heart, enabling e-motion to flow through my bodily vessel that initiated our dialogue thro’ bliss. My gentle kiss upon her forehead awoke a timeless prayer that resounded with reverent care: ‘In the name of love may our connection remain within the good, the beautiful and the truth that imbues endless joy.’ If these words feel wholesome and true, then softly place your right hand upon her left cheek, and while looking into the pupil of her left eye say, ‘May we keep to common sense, mutual understanding, good value, and heartfelt trust…’ Remember to keep eye contact as you commune with her. Then bond your devotion by holding both her hands in yours and recite the following virtues as you behold her right eye, ‘by means of prudence, fortitude, justice and temperance may we uphold the circle of life…’ Complete the exercise by giving her a warm embrace (hug) while reciting the original ideals, ‘so that we may remain in chord with the good, the beautiful and the truth that brings no strife…’ Rephrase the final part of the adoration as you release her back into the air, ‘may we remain in chord with the good, the beautiful and the truth that preserves wisdom, intelligence and art…’

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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