Sativa Induced Mindscape

“No other drug can compete with cannabis for its ability to satisfy the innate yearnings for Archaic boundary dissolution and yet leave intact the structures of ordinary society.” – Terence McKenna

With the legalization of cannabis here in Canada and the onslaught of Covid, I decided to experiment with smoking weed, but not without reservation. Perhaps one of the most difficult things for me to overcome is the negative stigma around marijuana use. To this day lots of folk continue to believe that it’s a nefarious substance that can lead the user down a destructive road. Even though this may have happened to a number of people who consumed the plant, there’s nothing to substantiate such a claim. Sure you can take a handful of cases and extrapolate all you like but that doesn’t do diddlysquat but reinforce your own prejudice. Either way it’s not my goal in this post to argue for or against; there’s enough legal and medical research out there to put my mind at ease.

Unlike my teenage years, I discovered a whole slew of cannabis products to choose from for all sorts of occasions. One licensed dealer recommended sativa in light of my lifestyle. In the beginning the paranoia was a bit overwhelming so he suggested something with less THC. Anyways, it worked, and I’ve been using the same kind of weed ever since on a casual basis. The pre-rolled cigarettes are only half a gram and one will last me for at least a week. Just a few inhales is sufficient for a good high.

Partly due to my scientific and exploratory nature, I’ve been recording my sativa sessions while hiking through the forest. These talks are by no means a standard representation of what others experience when they are high but they do provide a unique glimpse into my own mental processes and imaginal ways of making sense of the world, some of which are shocking for me to hear when reviewing the content afterwards. Such odysseys into the depth of the mind are by no means for the faint of heart. Nevertheless check out my attached video to capture a sense of the intricacies of a sativa induced mindscape.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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2 Responses to Sativa Induced Mindscape

  1. Interesting. I recently read a few things by/about Terrence McKenna. He comes up in several discussions about technology and progress that I’ve read. I also recently read something about how the medieval theologians may have been smoking weed or some kind of plant so they could attempt to find new understandings of Christianity.

    • Complementary to such sightings McKenna also said ‘the breakup of Christian medieval Europe occurred as a result of an epidemic obsession with the new, the exotic, and the delightful-in short with consciousness-expanding substances.’ Apparently technology and progress comes in different waves. 😉

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