Bud Budding Buddha Bing

“Nothing can be relied upon for security. As soon as you grasp something, it’s gone. Anguish emerges from craving for life to be other than it is.” – Stephen Batchelor

Anguish exists in this world for reasons known and unknown. All of our attempts to rid it have been futile. There’s no vaccination to abolish suffering, just as there’s no magic to stop the glaciers from melting.

Additional turmoil erupts because of our short sightedness in dealing with our predicament. Ignorance and all its shades of confusion play a significant part in our dilemma. Even our overly strong attachments to things become adverse.

We can take steps to resolve and create alternative ways of being in the world. Working with the grain in wood allows for a kind of efficacy but it doesn’t remove the knots. Despite our best thinking, complexities of various sorts remain an intrinsic part of our reality.

Suffering often indicates that we have to change in light of our circumstances. Like a perpetual fire it reminds us to bring balance to chaos and order. Too much one way or the other and we feel the burning flames of an existential crisis.

The extremes of deficiency and excess are dead end roads. Polar opposites – mortification and indulgence – aid us in maintaining a middle ground. From the strain of binding opposites comes harmony said Heraclitus.

There are various ways of perceiving things and not everyone has the reach to discern them. We can step into the same river and yet the river never stays the same. Depending on how we approach it, there are numerous ways of comprehending phenomena. Why assume that we can all follow the same stream of thought if it’s constantly in flux.

Anguish has a similar quality. What you might consider to be utterly overbearing may be someone else’s afternoon snack. Whereas the stuff that goes into your baloney sandwich may give another a cardiac arrest. One man’s pain can be another man’s gain and vice versa and criss cross and vice criss and cross versa and oblivious squander and so forth and on and on.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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