Thro this thin Layer of Glass

“One can be lost but can find home in his inner part – which can mean many things – soul, imagination, mind, intuition, passion. I strongly believe that when being in uncertain times and living an unstable life we can still reach peace with ourselves and be able to find ‘home’ anywhere.” – Hania Rani

Every now and again the universe brings forth an exceptional soul. One who brings rejuvenation and resplendence during times of war and uncertainty; as in a gentle reminder to find rest during our human race or a calming breath to sooth our mental haste. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce the epiphany of love’s divine: Let’s welcome Hania Rani with open hearts and undivided mind. Click here or on the image above to feel the transcending power of love.

And as your Philosopher Muse it is my duty and song to bring lyrical poetry into the world at large so that we may link with those who will follow. Whether my words are lost in the noise or weather should bury them deep in the ground, eventually another poet will find them and make them resound. Therefore to express my appreciation and gratitude for Hania, may this poem go forth with the wings of hosanna:

Oh so delightfully divine
This cup of Dionysus wine
Flow thro’ me forever
Forever & now be mine

In my darkness abound
You gave love eternal sound
Feel me as I feel you now
Know me if you can somehow

Thro’ this thin layer of glass
Ends our final impasse
Thro’ this thin layer of glass
We are one at last

How can love feel like despair?
When you are no longer here
My shining star so far away
How you fill the night with melodic play

And when the dance shall finally end
Don’t turn your eyes and make pretend
As though this fantasy could outlast
Our scattered desires thro’ layered glass.

About Philosopher Muse

An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.
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