“And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.” – Revelation 13:1

The Horror of God’s Wrath – The Backdrop

The Antichrist, by means of occult power, will free the giant beasts (Nephilim) from imprisonment, and gather from among them the greatest of their kind so as to lay siege of the throne of Jehovah God… Continue reading 

The Winds of Change – An Introduction

The main character (Antichrist) thinks that he is establishing God’s kingdom on earth by rebuilding the Temple of Solomon. Yet he is uncertain as to whether his motive is diabolical or for the common good… Continue reading 

The Pope’s Secret Charge – Part 1

Pope Francis greeted Jason, the Abbot of Belvedere, with all the proper dignities of his station in the Church. The Vicar of Christ is required to meet with the abbot every Easter, which often leaves the friars feeling ecstatic for weeks on end… Continue reading 

The Pillars of Justice – Part 2

Pope Francis means to transfer his authority to Jason our Abbot, and unleash the devil’s offspring who remain imprisoned in the underworld so as to enact the final Judgement of God. This means three souls are to journey into the crypts below… Continue reading 

The Light Bearer – Part 3

It pulled down on Thomas’s arm, bringing him to his knees so that they might remain eye to eye. Then the creature noisily breathed in through its mouth, which abrasively took in Thomas’s breath, and rendered him without the ability to breathe… Continue reading 

Unlocking Solomon’s Crypt – Part 4

The concrete door slowly opened with a scrapping sound. Once the dust settled, the sarcophagus was plain to see. It was positioned in the centre of the room and was surrounded by exquisite art that made the area look like the inside… Continue reading 

The Crown of Justice – Part 5

A gentle and calming peace fell upon the friars like the first cool breeze of a hot summer’s day. The sun’s rays entered the sky dome above them, illuminating the ancient Hebrew text on Solomon’s tomb. Samson took it as a divine sign to translate… Continue reading 

Foundational Gems – Part 6

There was no commotion, neither hugs nor kisses, when Jason and his chosen few made for the airport before dawn. Samson remained behind to make sure the abbey continued to function smoothly in Jason’s stead. He also played a crucial role… Continue reading 

Will in Motion – Part 7

It was difficult to tell at what point the plane touched ground. Everything was white with snow except for a few structures here and there. Jason and the crew had to bundle up in sheep’s wool to survive the bitter cold as they transferred to a… Continue reading 

Via Greenland – Part 8

Prime Minister Kielsen personally rolled out a red carpet for Jason at the entrance gate of the airport. Then he warmly welcomed the travellers to a meal while their helicopter was being prepared. His broken English felt sincere and well rehearsed… Continue reading 

A Cabal of Vipers – Part 9

While Jason and his crew headed north, Borgia and Thomas made their way to Vatican City to inform the Eleven of what took place in Solomon’s Crypt. The Eleven was the name chosen to represent the elites of the Catholic Church… Continue reading