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Being in Chord with Nature

“Nature controls this visible realm by means of change. Clear skies follow after cloudy weather, seas become turbulent after a calm; winds blow in turn; day follows night. It is the world’s contrarieties that give rise to its longevity.” – … Continue reading

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Core Elements of Natural Law

The tarot may not be the most reliable source for predicting outcomes but it can certainly trigger our imagination and get us thinking about ideas in different ways. We have a tendency to see what it is that we want … Continue reading

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Desire, Yearning & Craving

Anyone care to say what the following words have in common: Desire, yearning and craving. Think of an answer before you continue. This will help you engage the material to follow. Next, ask yourself: Do cravings usually begin first, followed … Continue reading

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Thro this thin Layer of Glass

“One can be lost but can find home in his inner part – which can mean many things – soul, imagination, mind, intuition, passion. I strongly believe that when being in uncertain times and living an unstable life we can … Continue reading

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“Perfected reason is called virtue, and is also the same as the honorable.” – Seneca For those of you who have acquainted yourselves with Seneca’s letters, you may have discovered that he holds reason, virtue and honor as one and … Continue reading

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Remain Sound In Mind

“It is possible to form no judgement about this and not to be disturbed in your mind; things in themselves do not have the nature to create our judgements.”  Marcus Aurelius Besides proper nutrition, physical exercise, appropriate rest and all … Continue reading

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Death Awaits Us All

“There is no way to know for certain the place and time where death lies waiting for us, so let us wait for death at every moment along the way… We ought to prepare for death even before we plan … Continue reading

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Excellence of Mind

“Press on toward excellence of mind with all your speed, with all your strength. If anything holds you back, untie the knot, or cut it!” – Seneca My personal approach to embodying the principles of Stoicism consists of adhering to … Continue reading

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Our Harmonious Pulse

“The inexpressible depth of all music, by virtue of which it floats past us as a paradise quite familiar and yet eternally remote, and is so easy to understand and yet so inexplicable, is due to the fact that it … Continue reading

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In Vino Veritas

“They are not long, the days of wine and roses: Out of a misty dream our path emerges for a while, then closes within a dream.” – Ernest Dowson My Friday nights usually consist of sipping on red wine, enjoying … Continue reading

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