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Love’s Divine O’ Muses Nine

“As for the Muses and music and poetry in general, they seem to have derived their name from their eager desire to investigate and do philosophy.” – Plato Why do the muses remain relevant to a poet philosopher such as … Continue reading

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Make Light of Tragedies

“First, tragedies were brought on stage to remind you of what can happen, that these happenings are determined by nature, and that what moves you in the theatre should not burden you on the larger stage of life.” – Marcus … Continue reading

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The Old Man in the Hill

THE OLD MAN IN THE HILL A Wise-tale by Jason Youngman Very few are aware of the secret underground bunker along Mt. Scio. You could walk right over it and not even know it was under your feet! It has … Continue reading

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Making Memories Meaningful

“We can’t change the past, but we can change what it means.” Remembering your most adorable childhood memories can be an awesome way to alter your emotional state. It can also tell you something about your personal flair and core … Continue reading

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Sever the Chains of Vice

“The wicked only rule because of the cowardice of those who allow themselves to be ruled by them… Yet death would be better for us than to go on living lives contrary to the [natural] laws of the Universe.” – … Continue reading

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Tips for Time Management

“Much of what we say and do is not necessary, and if you get rid of that, you will have more leisure and be less disturbed.” – Marcus Aurelius 1. Don’t read personal email within the first few hours of … Continue reading

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Create Alternative Options

“How could I endure to be a man, if man were not also poet and reader of riddles… a way to new dawns.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Combining creativity and critical thinking with the tarot can provide additional perspectives and ways … Continue reading

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O’ What Colourful Splendour

My grandmother Gladys Young – God rest her soul – passed away during my childhood. Some days prior to her departure my beady eyes noticed her fingers had turned blue. She said it was due to removing the twigs and … Continue reading

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Blackfoot Becomes Whitefeather

An Aboriginal Story by Jason Youngman Dreamt into existence during the Blood Moon of 2021 In honor of Gaia (Mother Earth) and the preservation of her forest. Blackfoot gazed upon the North Star at night. It gladdened him to know … Continue reading

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Philosophy Begins in Wonder

“The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with the joy of living are goodness, beauty, and truth.” – Albert Einstein At the heart of a good education remains wonder. No matter how you turn the principles … Continue reading

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