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My 85 Hour Fast

“This is the road by which one mounts to the stars: the road of frugality, the road of self-control, the road of courage.” – Sextius Those of us born with mars in its domicile are said to be spirited in … Continue reading

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Our Natural Right to Die

“It’s the next thing to cowardice when one merely waits in idleness for death to come… For it matters a great deal whether one is prolonging life or prolonging death.” – Seneca Mary Rose Barrington was a lawyer who advocated … Continue reading

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We’re Drinking & We’re Dancing

“How can I have any tolerance for people, when I don’t have any for alcohol?” You find yourself in the bowels of a very large ship at sea that happens to be sinking. All the Gov officials and the well … Continue reading

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Winter Recreation — Let the Good Times Roll

“Just as you are a complementary part of a social system, so too your every action should complement a life of social principle. If any action of yours, then, does not have direct or indirect relation to the social end, … Continue reading

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Virtue Empowers All

“Principles should not be stored away but readily at hand. We need to be frequently thinking about and dwelling on all such beneficial reminders so that we not only know them but also have them available.” – Seneca, Letter 94.26 … Continue reading

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The Wind Cries Mary

“How do you know when a philosopher is hard at work? When he has to duct tape the arm of his chair.” The picture above was taken last summer at my campsite in the woods. Unseen in this image are … Continue reading

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As Night & Day Are One

“Constantly observe all that comes about through change, and habituate yourself to the thought that the nature of the whole loves nothing so much as to change one form of existence into another, similar but new.” – Marcus Aurelius We … Continue reading

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Back in Black

“Experience cannot be accounted for by simply confining it to a conceptual category. Its ultimate ambiguity is that it is simultaneously knowable and unknowable.” – Stephen Batchelor My short lived fiesta has brought me fresh realization. The more we venture … Continue reading

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The Great Gig in the Sky

Jordan Peterson, Elon Musk and Justin Trudeau walk into a holodeck bar on the dark side of the moon. They each order a shot of sobriety and drink it down at once. Then they decide to make alterations to the … Continue reading

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On the True Good

“All those who put pleasure in the highest position judge the good to be an object of the sense. We, on the other hand, who assign the good to the mind, take it to be an object of the understanding.” … Continue reading

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