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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night's sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.


Call it what you may but a thousand rose buds would be lost on you if refuse to slow down and breathe in the aroma that awaits you in the aggregate that follows. Such text can be read in seconds, … Continue reading

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Dialectics – Finding Peace b/w the Extremes

In hindsight it is easy to locate the absurdities that were once acceptable & common practice, so how might we pinpoint what is fallacious in our present age? There is probably no end to the theoretical approaches to dealing with … Continue reading

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Emptiness – The Art of Letting Go

The Buddhist idea of “emptiness” seems to be a useful means to navigate our way through life. To get our head around this concept we may begin by seeing it more as an emptying, as in a letting go, rather … Continue reading

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Death Awaits

Death awaits With a trident Holding firm Hopeless doom Preying upon flesh Now & forever It lingers In the shadow’s blight Sinking into absurdity With every thrust Enmeshed Body & soul Chaotic bliss Pleading Sever the snake Silence its hiss. … Continue reading

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Hope is the thing with feathers – By Emily Dickinson

Rather than let the freezing cold keep you hidden away and hibernating, the winter provides an ample of activities to stay active and engaged. Here in Bannerman Park we have close to 100 meters of well kept ice open to … Continue reading

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Signal Hill, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Welcome to St. John’s, Newfoundland, my home and native land. What are a few things that stand out about this place? In the here and now we can safely say it’s the different kinds of people that bring colour & … Continue reading

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Happiness – An Activity of the Soul

Anyone can wish to be happy, just as a person can wish for good health, but unless we exert ourselves in the right way, i.e. apply the appropriate means to achieve and maintain such a state, we are but participating … Continue reading

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What Makes Life Worth Living?

To follow is an introspective exercise to help elicit and recognize the particular values we hold dear. Unfortunately, sometimes our values remain unexpressed and vaguely understood. We may intuit them but they are neither clear nor precise. For instance, David … Continue reading

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“Patience is the voluntary and prolonged endurance of arduous and difficult things for the sake of virtue or profit.” – Cicero How often have we heard others complaining about not having enough patience? What about yourself? Taking an honest look … Continue reading

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Our Inner Child Awaits

He awoke from a deep sleep not knowing himself. His past no longer accessible. Baffled and confused he staggered down the hall way. Where he happened upon a drawer with a mirror. His reflection was that of an old man. … Continue reading

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