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An explorer of volition and soul, a song under a night's sky and a dream that forever yearns to be.

Commentary on Ennead I.4 – Well-Being

Plotinus makes perfect sense if you take the time to think about what he is saying. To attain ultimate well-being is an out of this world experience. It’s about being in eternity opposed to existing in time. Rather than getting … Continue reading

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In my Secret Garden

Recently recorded a very simple yet pleasant melody on my 6 string acoustic guitar and sent it off to my friend Richard Downs; a Nicaraguan-American Violinist and Composer. In turn he spiced it up with a snazzy little tune with … Continue reading

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What is your Predominant Emotion in Life?

What is your predominant emotion in life? Joy or melancholy? Peace or agitation? Enthusiasm or boredom? Curiosity or apathy? Perhaps a little bit of each and a lot of in between? In a run of a day we experience a … Continue reading

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Let Your Aim Be True

What sights beheld through radiant light Omniscient embrace to hold us tight To reveal the archetype of beauty’s allure With familiar warmth our hearts assure This moment in time with eyes to see Yet vibrating strings stem from eternity An … Continue reading

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Lemon Gin – Last Night’s Sin

The poet spoke in an empty room His yellow tie swirled around his glass of lemon gin The cigarette smoke was thick enough to float on And the walls echoed with last night’s sin The bar an alter with every … Continue reading

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A Trail Of No Return

This poem is about entering the enchanted domain of the faeries. The title was chosen in light of the various times I’ve been tempted to follow the trails that break off from the main path during hikes through the forest. … Continue reading

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Temperance – The Essence of Beauty

Temperance is a means for health & well-being A base for the other virtues to take root & grow By providence her goal is to achieve purification To relinquish the superficial by simply letting it go Click on the image … Continue reading

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O Fortuna

O Fortuna Translated into English Adapted and narrated by Jason Youngman O Fortuna is a 13th century medieval Latin Goliardic poem which expresses displeasure about Fortuna; a grim fate that subjugates both gods and men in Greek and Roman mythology. … Continue reading

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Justice – The Luster of Virtue

The luster of virtue excels through justice Awakened in conscience and equanimity Through the release of pretence & wrongful gain Trust in providence; the gift of anonymity Immediately above resides the eighth stanza of nine from my poem titled The … Continue reading

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Fortitude – A Castle of Endurance

This poem was articulated with a view to linking the various aspects of fortitude with a visual image for the purpose of aiding the reader in recollecting the whole through the part. To re-collect, i.e. to re-connect the aspects of … Continue reading

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