Cardinal Rose by the Philosopher Muse – Copy

“Aim for the brightest star to know who you truly are!” My mission statement is an extension of the Apollonian dictum to ‘Know Thyself’. It reminds one to avail of the whole spectrum of virtues in order to attain a greater good. In light of and to the degree that wisdom is revealed and the capacity to discern is refined, one can steady their aim in order to reach the goal of their contemplation. To illuminate the mind with ideas that can assist all sentient beings for the good of the whole is one the highest ideals of the visionary but to intelligently cognize these ideas into a form that is simple, clear and easy to understand is the task of a true philosopher. Through the dichotomy of language there is always a better way to ask a question and in this dialectical interplay with others & ourselves, we align our desires and intentions so as to harmonize and draw closer to that most brilliant star; the source of existence and the intelligence by which to realize who we truly are.

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