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Set Forth into the Deep

This poem largely draws upon platonic thought so as to express how we have come to experience reality as separated beings. It encapsulates a world view no longer acceptable by the masses but for the poet it remains the fabric … Continue reading

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Solace – When All Lights Go Out

Few of us thoroughly consider the possibility of getting into a serious accident and how we might cope with such misfortune. Can you imagine yourself in a hospital bed for weeks on end without the full use of your body … Continue reading

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The Trial & Death of Socrates

I am in the process of taking massive action to refine my play script on the trial & death of Socrates, especially in view to applying appropriate theatre technique. Spring is often a time of renewed energy and focus for … Continue reading

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Commentary on Ennead I.4 – Well-Being

Plotinus makes perfect sense if you take the time to think about what he is saying. To attain ultimate well-being is an out of this world experience. It’s about being in eternity opposed to existing in time. Rather than getting … Continue reading

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What is Ethics?

What is ethics and why do we need it? It’s not an exact science and neither can it be successfully used to control or predict behaviour. What does it do and how is it useful? ethics (n.): Reflective and systematic … Continue reading

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Plotinus – Light of Light

The passages used in this video help to convey a vivid representation of a spiritual realm not known through the senses. Such heights require a certain kind of intellect or theoretical wisdom by which to grasp such eternal principles. Some … Continue reading

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Foresight – See it to the end

“For ‘foresight’ (providentia) implies a certain sort of relation to something distant which things that occur in the present have to be ordered toward.” – ST II-II Q49 A6 Foresight is the core part of prudence that enables one to … Continue reading

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Reasoning – Discursive Thinking

If you can come up with 10 good reasons to start something new, then it’s probably worth the effort? The process of thinking up a number of reasons to begin a project is often the easy part, whereas the task … Continue reading

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Shrewdness – Quick Wittedness

“If docility involves our willingness to listen to others, shrewdness involves the ability to size up a situation quickly on one’s own.” Without getting into all the rigmarole and to keep this week’s message simple, ponder the following ‘idea’ to … Continue reading

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Understanding First Principles

From my childhood up to the present day, good manners have been second nature to me. Good morning, pardon me, cleaning up after myself, allowing seniors to get on the bus first, apologising for mistakes, waiting patiently in a line … Continue reading

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