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Prudence hangs from the tree of knowledge. We have to stretch ourselves to reach it. Once fully apprehended, then we can see. That all the branches stem from eternity. The Fall of 2017 By Jason Youngman Advertisements

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Under Duress Her Sweet Caress

(Atlantic Ocean from Signal Hill, St. John’s, NL. Click on the image to view more of my photography) Upon the surface of the sea she looked back upon me. Her smile hidden in the darkness below. Her reflection white as … Continue reading

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Begin Anew

(Click on the image to download in high resolution.) Begin anew. Even when the winds remove your home. Start over. There is blood on your hands and rage without thought. Begin again. You have habitually drifted into sloth and cowardliness. … Continue reading

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Grave digger you are far away from home. Sleep walking through phantacies magical lore. You faintly hear my voice and recoil with fear. Wakey wakey it is time to come home my dear. There is truth to what the voices … Continue reading

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The Soul of Metaphysical Reflections

“The apex and role of an artist is to bring beauty, harmony & splendour into the mundane world through the vivifying qualities of the Muses.” A bold statement in need of validation yes; so let’s reflect upon the creative literary … Continue reading

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Have you ever waited for days on end for that ideal evening to photograph the setting sun? Then you may know the patience and foresight required to create that perfect image. Indeed the artist avails of all the marks of … Continue reading

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A Writers Inner Sea

Daily we prepare the ship by setting the mast, Opening the sails and preparing the nets to cast. We push ourselves into the cold & mysterious sea, And tread the water until the winds inter-dependency. Each peddle stroke strengthens our … Continue reading

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Of all the life strategies that render what is fruitful, Forgiveness by far is one of the most useful. It is the oil that soothes & prevents friction, A bonding agent for great benediction. Forgiveness as moisture keeps the heart … Continue reading

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Hell is a hard sell

Now that I’ve slept on it and received some feedback on yesterday’s blog (My Fascination with Hell) it appears that the defragmenting required to put this neurosis to bed is too complicated for me to keep it nice and tidy … Continue reading

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Of all the lyric poems to have been written in the name of social justice, ON THE TURNING AWAY imbues warmth and inclines intelligence towards a greater good. This poem in particular has been a reminder to stretch myself in … Continue reading

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