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Purpose Guides Thinking

Purpose is fundamental to the way we think, speak and act. You have probably heard of the saying, ‘everything happens for a reason.’ Well there is also a purpose for everything we do. These statements don’t mean the same thing … Continue reading

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Understanding First Principles

From my childhood up to the present day, good manners have been second nature to me. Good morning, pardon me, cleaning up after myself, allowing seniors to get on the bus first, apologising for mistakes, waiting patiently in a line … Continue reading

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You are probably familiar with the idea of defragmentation. In laymen terms it has to do with your computer aligning and storing info on the hard disk to free up space. This helps to put things in order so that … Continue reading

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Of all the life strategies that render what is fruitful, Forgiveness by far is one of the most useful. It is the oil that soothes & prevents friction, A bonding agent for great benediction. Forgiveness as moisture keeps the heart … Continue reading

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Enoch – Mystery Prophet of the Ancient World

Some of you may have watched this years showing of Noah; a version of Noah’s Ark from the Book of Genesis. If you had then you would recall his grandfather Methuselah. It just so happens that Methuselah was son to … Continue reading

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On Surrendering the Soul

“But in proportion as the soul goes towards the formless, since it is utterly unable to comprehend it because it is not delimited and, so to speak, stamped by a richly varied stamp, it slides away and is afraid that … Continue reading

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TIPS FOR WRITING Cultivate the habit of writing down your thoughts, ideas, insights, etc., whenever & wherever they might come to you. Especially when they possess a certain force and quality of originality. Keep a notebook with you 24 hours … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

Exploring metaphysical themes that help to expand our awareness

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